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Oi Dog – Kes & Claire Gray & Jim Field

oi-dog-jim-field-kes-claise-grass‘”Oi Dog! Get off the frog!” said the frog.
‘But I like sitting on frogs,’ said the dog.
‘Frogs are all squishy and squashy and when you sit on them they go plurppppppppppp'”

Tired of being sat on by dogs, the frog is changing the rules. He no longer wants cats to sit on mats, frogs to sit on logs and dogs to sit on frogs. Oh no, it’s all change in the rhyming world!


I think this is quite possible my favourite of the Lollies 2017 shortlisted books. It is hilariously funny and takes the well known rhyme about cats sitting on mats and frogs on logs and dogs on frogs, and puts it all into context about how crazy it is for a dog to sit on a frog!

Frog doesn’t want to be sat on anymore, and I can say I blame him. But if he changes the rules for that, he’s gunna have to change the rules for everything else too! In Oi Dog! we see where those rules need changing and how Frog deals with the changes. However, it all goes to pot when the dog and the cat ask what the frog will finally sit on after he’s moved all the other animals around!

I love the style of this book, it flows so well and you can really pick up pace with it. Unfortunately T didn’t agree and refuses to read it to Spike, so its not for everyone. But I love it and she loves me reading it. I get quite fast at reading it and get her a bit giddy but I think that is warranted with this book as it begs to become like a bit of a tongue twister! I make her laugh when I read it dead fast too and thats exactly what you want from a Lollies shortlister!

The illustrations are perfect too and I love how much they made me laugh. There are some really funny pictures because of the things that the frog has decided sit on each other. However, as well as that, the illustrator has built some personality in and the facial expressions of the animals are top class. I didn’t think I’d find an illustration of a cat that made me laugh as much as the one in this book did… he looks like a proper sourpuss!

I read Oi Frog when I got it out the library a few months ago but I think I maybe even preferred Oi Dog to Oi Frog… I think it’s worth reading them both though and reading that first helps you understand the concept a lot once you come to Oi Dog!


Oi Dog was published by Hodder Children’s Books in November 2016. My copy was sent to me from Scholastics as part of the Lollies 2017 campaign. 


For more info or buy the book please visit: 

Amazon | Goodreads | Author Website | Illustrators website


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