Non-review post: Tattered or pristine- book state

I have just rearranged my bookshelves, trying to put my books in some kind of order. It didn’t work though… It never does cos I keep adding to the hoard! T actually told me not to bother because I was “defying the laws of physics”… I don’t know what he means by that, honest!
Anyway, one of the things I noticed was how neat my books actually are. Very few of the covers are dog-eared or anything but I don’t actually keep them in good nick, I eat over them, I fold down the corners to keep my page (I know I should stop that!) and I even let my pet girlies come over and nibble on the pages while I’m reading (usually cos I’m that immersed in the book I don’t notice what they are doing!) but still my books don’t look that bad!
I know people who won’t bend the spines of books cos they don’t want their books to look used… I don’t get that. I’m one of those people who needs a book to look read, and loved after it’s been read. For me there is a perfect balance between untouched and just plain messy, the spine is broken, with a few creases but very rarely coming away from the book completely. The only book I own in which the spine is coming away is the first Harry Potter… and we can always forgive Harry!
What’s your post-reading book state preference? 


  • Beth.

    I’m afraid I cannot bear my books being damaged! I can’t stand them being bent and like them to look as perfect as possible! I don’t know why, I think its because if I REALLY enjoy them, I want them to be looked after? Make sense? Maybe not x

  • Vivienne

    I struggle with my books being damaged like Beth. I hate when they get ruined. I just want them to stay perfect. I need help I think!

  • Julianne

    It depends on the condition it started in! If I got in brand new I try to keep it in that condition, although if I take it with me on train and bus journey it’s unlikely it will survive the first read in perfect shape. But I do like looking at books that have been well-loved, by me or other people. I’ve got ex-library books that have clearly been read dozens of times, and my copy of The Secret Garden, that I got new as a kid, has been read so many times I’ve lost count, and the spine shows it.

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