Non book related: Moving house

Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d share a couple of things with you. For the first I may be a little quieter over the next few weeks. I picked up the keys for my new flat on Saturday just gone and I am in the process of moving… annoyingly our furniture is being delivered sometime between now and June 5th so we may actually be sleeping on the floor (and omg this just occurred to me, I could be reading on the floor!!! HORROR! I like my couch!) for a week or so…. If anyone from Argos is reading this please send my furniture soon!!! 
I was asked to post pictures but the ones I took were rubbish. Sorry! I will post some soon! Also let me add that I found this picture when looking for a picture to accompany this post… NO ONE is this happy whilst moving… its all a lie!! 
I wont be losing internet connection at all over the period hopefully but I probably wont have as much reading/twitter/blogging time as I do usually! 
Secondly when I’m all up and running properly again I’m hoping to have an exciting new feature… only a couple of people know what this is and I hope that it will be fun! There’ll be more info posted on the blog around the end of May beginning of June but there will be area for guest posts I think so keep an eye out to see if you fancy it! 


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