Non-book-post: Things just keep on changing…

I had planned on doing some kind of bookish discussion feature today, but my mind went blank. All I keep thinking about is how life moves on and everything changes. I don’t mean to depress you guys but I found out something pretty gutting for me the other day and I wanted to write down my feelings about it…

I was walking home from work on Thursday night, reading Twitter as I usually do… when I came across a tweet from a Kerrang! Magazine journalist. (For those of you who don’t know Kerrang! is a weekly alternative music magazines in the UK.) She nicely informed me that my favourite band, Good Charlotte, was going on hiatus… I was a bit gutted but thought I’d wait til I got home to check all the news out and double check.

Id got home and couldn’t really find much news on the hiatus… I thought nothing of it cos sometimes this stuff happens, then my friends boyfriend posted this link to my Facebook wall… I nearly cried.

I know I blog about books but music is a huge part of my life, and a huge part of my music taste comes from Good Charlotte, they were my first punk-ish band and they opened up a whole new side to music that I never knew existed. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have listened to other favourites, I wouldn’t have got in with the friends I did and I wouldn’t have been to over a hundred live gigs and five festivals. I know its a lot to put on one band but its true.

What made this all even worse was that last month, right smack bang on my birthday, Good Charlotte played in London. I thought about going so much but I decided that it was my birthday and I should probably spend that with my friends… not hundreds of miles away in London. No offence to my friends but I wish I went now (I love you guys, you know that but, come on, you know how much GC mean to me!) I passed up the change to see my favourite band, on what could have been one of their last UK Shows, on my 23rd birthday. Man that sucks.

Good Charlotte have meant a lot to me over the years, from the very first time I heard them, about ten years ago, up until today. They get  lot of shit for the way they are and a lot of people don’t like them. However having seen them a few times and met them once (a  night of pure bliss, as you can imagine!) I know in my heart that they love music and they love their fans.

As they say life goes on and I hope that they do come back from this break refreshed and loving the GC lifestyle even more. I would love the hear more from them in the future but if this hiatus does mark the end for GC then at least I still have some of their music! I just wanted to share with you this bit rubbish news for me, and I also thought it may be an appropriate time to share one of their songs too! (You honestly have no idea how long it took me to decide which song to share! I love them all! I apologise that this is not a video, its just the song… This song wasn’t a single and I didn’t like any of the fan made videos!)


  • Jules

    That’s terrible news I really like their music too! and I LOVE the song that you picked, it’s one of my favourites.

    I don’t listen to as much music now as I used to, but it’s still a huge part of my life as well.

    I’m off to go listen to some of their music!

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