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Noble Conflict – Malorie Blackman

“Nearly two centuries ago, the region on our Eastern boarders was not the volcanic wasteland it is today. It was a land as beautiful as our own, but inhabited by another culture, the so-called Crusaders, whose very nature was intemperate and undisciplined. Whilst we in the Alliance lived in harmony with the land, valuing and living at one with nature, their highly skilled scientists sought to control and subdue nature through their technology.”

Kasper is graduating from his training as Guardian for the Alliance when the ceremony is caught under attack from a group of Insurgents, soldiers for the Crusaders. All his life Kasper has been told about their vicious, bitter ways, and his first move is to shield the member of the High Council who is leading the graduation. This is how Kasper’s reputation starts, and as he makes his way through attack upon attack and sees more and more of the Insurgents’ behaviour, that reputation keeps growing. His Alliance are trying to keep the peace, defending themselves with weapons armed to capture rather than kill, however after Kasper comes into contact with a strange girl called Rhea, he is haunted by memories. These memories don’t sit right with what he has always been told about his Alliance and the Crusaders, but what does that mean about the side he has chosen to fight for and their ultimate goal is? 

I can sit and sing the praises of Malorie Blackman all day long and the only reason that would be bad is because my singing is atrocious. The same cannot be said about this authors work though because as always, Blackman has delivered another fantastic, hard hitting, addictive read and I would urge any of you to go get it right now. 
The story is set in the future, the world has been ripped apart and everything we know about history comes form the High Council, the leaders in charge of this new, clean, safe world. The High Council have been passed the knowledge through generations about what happened in the War to end all Wars and they spread it for all to hear throughout the Alliance region. Kasper starts to uncover certain things and once that happens things start moving very quickly and I think that would be about the point where I knew I was hooked, line and sinker, by this book. 
The characters were wonderfully complex and I absolutely loved how each one just had their own personalities. They were fantastically developed and they all had their own kind of story lines. I liked that there were links between characters that didn’t actually involve Kasper, especially that between Janna and Mariska who I absolutely loved even though they aren’t around too much. Mac was probably my favourite character, especially towards the end and with what happens at the end but I can’t say any more because I don’t want to spoil anything! 
As with every Blackman book I have read now, I couldn’t get enough of the writing style, she writes with such fluidity that there was no piecing together, each chapter linked perfectly and it was all so easy. I lost lunch breaks in no time at all because I was sucked into the world of Noble Conflict and though I never really want to go back to work, every time I did I was counting down the minutes until I could go back to reading it! 
Everything about Noble conflict was just immense, I love how political Malorie Blackman can make her books with keeping them understandable and relevant. I really want to go in depth into the story here but I don’t want to ruin things for anyone who hasn’t read it yet but lets just say Noble Conflict is one of those books where you think you know the twist, then it happens and it turns out that you only knew part of it, and it was the small part! 
Noble Conflict will be published tomorrow, June 6th, by Doubleday, a Random House Imprint. My copy was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Cait

    How appropriate that you post this review just after yesterday’s announcement! I love the sound of this one, I’m definitely gonna have to get a copy. I’m glad you enjoyed it

    Cait x

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