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No More Cuddles – Jane Chapman

No-more-cuddles-jane-chapman“Barry lived by himself deep in the forest. 

He liked strolling about on his own, listening to the birds and tasting juicy berries. 

But Barry was never on his own for long…” 

Being big, fluffy and soft, Barry keeps getting cuddles off the other animals in the forest, whether he likes it or not. They come at him morning noon and night. So Barry decides to finally do something about it. He’s going to stop it once and for all, there will be No More Cuddles for Barry once he puts his plan into action…


This was such a fun book and honestly Spike hates cuddles from anyone so I do believe it was actually written about her. (Though she’s still got time to grow into them I guess, hopefully she wont be a Barry for long!)

The story is funny in all the right places and the outcome really made me giggle. Barry goes to such great lengths to find a replacement hugger for the bunnies and other animals who love to hug him and eventually he discovers he needn’t have bothered as theres a simple, yet sticky method to accomplish what he’s after.

Combined with big bright pictures of Barry and his friends it was a great story to read with Spike as she really loved looking around to see what she could see. The colours really caught her eye and I think she could actually see the writing because of its size and the way it stood out from the background too which was really good.

I think there could be more stories from Barry if the author wanted there to be and I would love to see more in the series, he’s a fun character and it was a funny story. I think my favourite thing about the whole book was the fact that there were plenty of opportunities to play with different tones of voice while reading out loud and that interaction was fun for Spike too.

No More Cuddles was published by Little Tiger on July 6th 2015. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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