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No Books Allowed (#8)

Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is a new monthly feature hosted here, which is used to discuss things things in life which aren’t connected to books. This post can be used to talk about days out, music, TV, video games, films etc for all those book bloggers out there who do occasionally do stuff other than read and go to book events!
The beginning of this month was a busy with weddings, birthdays, bbqs and fun. I had a great birthday and managed to get what I wanted, which was a digital SLR camera (I just need to actually work out how to use it!) I also had a fun day out with my sister but as that involved lots of books I can’t really go into that! 
We went to my partners’ sisters wedding and she looked beautiful, I managed to only cry a little bit which was a shock to me and my nephew in his page boy outfit was adorable! 
Then just after my birthday I had a bbq, which was lots of fun, I don’t get to spend too much time with my friends on a regular basis and as you can see from the picture we like to mess about! Also, don’t worry, I didn’t actually barbecue the dino! 😉 
Films and Music
Me and the partner have been trying to save money by staying in so we watched a lot of films this month. I celebrated my birthday with Up, which I’ve seen before but loved! We watched the Total Recall remake – wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – the awesome Wreck-it Ralph, and Ted which was an ok waste to a couple of hours but I wouldn’t watch it again I don’t think. 
When it comes to music I am not doing well with my promise to myself, about listening to new stuff. I have been obsessed with Rise Against and Yellowcard and listening to the Warped Tour 2005 compilation in the car… I have listening to a couple of new bands though, one of which is very new to me but I can’t get their song out of my head… Life in 24 Frames are unsigned and my boyfriend heard them on a video games podcast and introduced me to them. Their song Bitter End is beautiful and well worth a listen! 
Games and the only day out. 
As I said, we have been trying to save money so other than a drive out to see a friend for coffee, and going book shopping with my sister for my birthday, I only actually went on one day out this month. On the Saturday of Bank Holiday weekend me and T ventured out to Manchester to go to the Streetpass Manchester Big Luigi 3DS event… this was interesting! 

I don’t have a 3DS and only went because T wanted to and I thought it would be fun. It was. There were loads of people – over 100 – there and they were all as awesomely geeky as us, wearing green for Luigi and some even in full outfits! There was a Mariokart tournament and stuff like that and I really enjoyed it… However I have to be different and I sat and played on the PS Vita instead of a Nintendo device which got me a fair few comments, however saying that they were all lovely and jokey comments! 
So yeah, I’ve been making my way through Escape Plan on the Vita, I am loving it but its so fiddly and hard sometimes that I want to throw the handheld against the wall! I played the demo of an awesome game called The Puppeteer which is due out next month on PS3 and is awesome! It reminded me of Little Big planet but its completely different and a little darker, unfortunately its having to compete with GTA 5 though so I am gunna guess that it’s going to do rubbish sales-wise!  I am really excited for the stuff Sony have coming out soon and the stuff promised, especially for Vita, at their GamesCom conference looks amazing! It has me even more excited for Eurogamer next month! 
That was my August! If you want to join in with NBA, grab the button and post away, please leave a comment with a link to your post if at all possible as I’ll definitely see it then! Thanks! 
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