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No Books Allowed (#2)

Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is a new monthly feature hosted here, which is used to discuss things things in life which aren’t connected to books. This post can be used to talk about days out, music, TV, video games, films etc for all those book bloggers out there who do occasionally do stuff other than read and go to book events!
So I had such a great response from everyone after last month’s No Books Allowed post that I’ve decided to make it into a proper monthly post! I have also decided to make it a proper meme so if you want to take part please do so. There is a linky at the bottom of the page (hopefully, I’ve never done this before!) so please link your posts up and I will come and take a look! 
So February is a boring month for most, with the only fun thing happening usually Valentines Day if you are part of a couple. However for me and my boyfriend we don’t celebrate Valentines Day, opting to celebrate his birthday instead. 
This month was a quiet one to be honest, with me trying to save money for a weekend away next month and a hen weekend and moving house the month after. However, I did go to a book event in Manchester with my sister which you’ll be reading about soon I promise! We preceded the event with a day out in the city centre, spending too much time and money in Primark and treating ourselves to Nando’s, which is isn’t such a bad thing to eat if you are doing weight watchers apparently! 
Now I’ll talk about a few of the things I did do this month! 
Video Games 
So last month I talked about the fantastical new video game The Cave… unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet, books seem to have taken over February and I just haven’t had chance. However for the boyfriends birthday I, naturally, bought him a present that I wanted myself; Playstation All-stars Battle Royal.
I love this game from what I’ve played so far. I have only played with T, fighting against him or with him against the computer. Its such a fun game that reminds me of my Street Fighter days back on PSone.
The game features many of Playstation’s heroes and baddies from games which were available back in the PSOne days through to PS3. You chose your character from options like Parappa the Rapper, Sackboy, Fat Princess, Bioshock’s Big Daddy, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and more. Each character has their own special moves and you get power ups for extra special moves. There’s a tutorial which allows you to learn the specifics of the game and then the story aspect of the game uses each of the characters’ game backgrounds and allows you to hone in on their powers.
I haven’t done any of the story but I picked up on the controls pretty quick and I love some of the characters’ special moves. The game has introduced me to characters from games I’ve not played before and because of that I now really want to. First of all I am hoping to get hold of the Sly Cooper games as I really enjoyed fighting as Sly in this.

So I spoke about Funeral For a Friend a lot last month and I’m sorry but they are gunna feature this month too. I went to see them again in a tiny, tiny venue in Manchester on the 16th of Feb and it was brilliant. It was my 15/16th time seeing them live and they just keep getting better. They played a lot of older stuff and a lot form their new album but not much from in between, but thats because some of their in between stuff is criticised a lot. The atmosphere was just incredible in this venue and it was so small that the band just had to raise their hands and they’d touch the ceiling!

I’ve also been checking out the new stuff from The Strokes and listening to a lot of Brand New, my other favourite band. I am really excited that The Strokes have some new stuff out and although I wasn’t impressed with the first song they released, All The Time is a lot better and more like their older stuff.



This month brought the second half of season three of The Walking Dead. I have been a huge fan of this series from season one and although season two went a little slow in places I was so happy with the first half of season three.
I love that The Walking Dead started off as fast paced as it finished and that we were chucked straight back in the action. I cant wait to see where the season takes us and its pretty gritty so far. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

Also in TV, the final episode of the first season of My Mad Fat Diary was aired and I loved every episode, I am so, so glad its been renewed for another season! I absolutely love Rae and Finn and the gang and can’t wait to see where it goes next!

My TV time toward the end of the month ahs been taking up with Dexter Season 6 too as the 7th season has started on sky so we are desperately trying to play catch up. I don’t quite understand why I love watching this show about serial killing so much but its such a brilliant show! Now I just have to try and keep away from spoilers though!

Other stuff
I was really hoping to go see Beautiful Creatures but this month has been so busy that it just hasn’t happened. I did watch a CM Punk documentary with T though, which actually kinda surprised me. I was impressed with his battle to get into wrestling and how much of his life it took up before WWE was part of it for him but I did kinda get a bit bored and went back to reading during it…


I also watched UFC 157, which won’t mean a lot to many of you. UFC is a mixed martial arts organisation, until very recently it only showed male fights but UFC 157 was the first female fight between Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche. T watches UFC and I take a bit of interest because, well, I find it really skillful and kinda impressive. I know fighting shouldn’t be endorsed and all that but these guys are proper athletes and Rousey has won in the Olympics before for her Judo work. I took more of an interest in this fight because it was a female fight and to be honest, the outcome was what I expected. Rousey won with an armbar which is how she’s won every one of her MMA fights in other organisations. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone beat the crap outta each other really but the skill involved in what these fighters do is just so impressive I can’t help but watch and Rousey has done a lot for women in sport I think so I will definitely back her all the way.


  • Katie

    I LOVE this No Books Allowed feature! I definitely think I’ll be joining in next time!
    I think I’m the only person who hasn’t watched The Walking Dead! I definitely will check it out! 🙂

  • Clover

    What a fun post! I shall be thinking about what to write about when I join you in this next month 🙂 (Last Thursday of the month, is it?)

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