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No Books Allowed (#16)

Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is a new monthly feature hosted by me, used to  discuss things things in life which aren’t connected to books. This post can be used to talk about days out, music, TV, video games, films etc for all those book bloggers out there who do occasionally do stuff other than read and go to book events! The feature is usually posted on the last Thursday of the month unless that coincides with a blog tour/other book event.

June 2014
I didn’t write a No Books Allowed post last month because in all honesty I have no idea where that month went. I almost didn’t write one this month as it was the same… The two months of May and June have whizzed by in a blur of family visits, weddings, house moves, work and quality time spent with friends, and its been a bit hectic.

my gorgeous pooch

I last wrote a personal post at the end of April. I had just been to visit my family and my mum had been admitted to hospital, where she still is. Thankfully we now know whats wrong with her and whilst there isn’t much we can do its not life-threatening or anything and we just have to learn to live with it. The reason she is still there is more to do with my parents housing situation more than anything else but she should be able to come out soon. The beginning of June was mostly spent worrying about my dad doing a drive to Bulgaria and back to pack a van full of their stuff and then helping him unload and sort through that stuff back here – that was fun! I love the thought of having my parents back on UK soil, but I think whats best about that is the fact my dad picked up Tim, their dog, on his trip over to Bulgaria… ain’t he cute? 
Going backwards May was insane. Not only was I worrying about my family I had the most stressful time at work in the four years I have been there. We moved offices, launched a new website, which I am running content-wise and launched new titles. I was doing two jobs whilst we interviewed people to replaced my old job and was involved in meetings and testing for the website. Its all calmed down now, to a more manageable level anyway, so I am looking forward to getting into my new role good and proper. 
Me and my awesome friends at Kimmy’s wedding! 

Outside of work I watched one of my best friends get married in a beautiful, yet windy, Asthon Memorial wedding over looking Lancaster and had such a laugh dancing to Steps and Spice gGrls at the reception. The bride looked gorgeous on the day and I was so happy to spend quality time with my bestest friends. I also spent a day helping build furniture at one of the girl’s new places in May and had loads of fun proving my ikea furniture building skills weren’t just talk.

A very exciting purchase in May saw me trade in my dilapidated car Percy, who has served me well for nearly 9 years since I got him on my 17th birthday, for a newer model. Ichabard is a Hyundai I20, bigger and better than percy in almost everyday but he’s yet to capture my heart in the same way… I think a special place in your heart is reserved for your first car, especially when you go through countless house moves, relocations, gigs, festivals, university visits and good times in it! I will miss Percy but the £80 reduction in car tax, more miles to the gallon and the driving to see my parents and not thinking that the cars going to just die on the motorway is definitely worth it!

Me and Ichabard the I20 

June saw the sun and a lot of lovely walks around my area with the mr. I just love how we only have to walk over the road and we hit a really nice park that I could honestly spend hours in. I keep saying that we just need a dog and a baby to push around in a pushchair and my life will be made! Also it saw an awesome three course meal shared with my best far away friend Steffi and a trip to the bowling alley in Manchester where I almost kicked some serious ass! We also had an awesome weekend just gone together, enjoying the sun and looking after our nephew while we eagerly await the arrival of our second, July should be lots of fun getting to know that little guy when he arrives! 

Like I said… its been a fun-filled couple of months but they have meant few posts other than reviews and very few books being read. I will hopefully get round to some blog reading soon and I hope that you have all at least enjoyed my reviews while I’ve been writing them! 

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