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No Books Allowed (#13)

Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is a new monthly feature hosted by me, used to  discuss things things in life which aren’t connected to books. This post can be used to talk about days out, music, TV, video games, films etc for all those book bloggers out there who do occasionally do stuff other than read and go to book events! 

Despite this month being horrendously busy I haven’t actually done much in it… there was a lot of reading but I’m not talking about that here, then there was a little bit of going out here and there, but a lot of my month was work, work and more work! Doesn’t make for an interesting post does it?

Days/Nights out
This month is always a bit of a rubbish one for me because I’m still getting over the skinniness from Christmas. Its also T’s birthday so I’m usually poor cos of that too and we don’t end up doing a lot. We celebrated his birthday by going to Jodrell Bank with the stepson and nephew. I have a post all about it that I want to put up somewhere so I am saving it for when I start my lifestyle blog (which probably won’t be any time soon cos I’m so busy!) But I thought I’d mention it here. If you live in the west midlands or the north west then I really recommend this place, but I would go in the summer and take a picnic!

Things calmed down a lot after that and we only really went out again once, last saturday night with T’s friends which was fun… they don’t get together very often but it made for a good night catching up talking about movies and tv shows and video games so I enjoyed myself and had a nice tipple while out!

We also spent a lot of time milling about the Trafford Centre a few weekends ago waiting for the lovely Apple Store people to fix the battery in our beloved MacBook… but whilst there we had amazing food and I have to give a shout out to Barburittos because it was brilliant… Mexican fast food isn’t something you see a lot around here but damn they do it well! If you see a restaurant do give it a try!

TV Shows/Movies
I finally watched Rain Man this month, I’ve heard good things about it but have been putting off watching cos I can’t stand Tom Cruise. It was really good and Dustin Hoffman was so great as Raymond, Tom Cruise pissed me off a fair bit but that was more his character than him so Ill let him off!

We also finished watching Breaking Bad… it was as brilliant as people said it was and I loved the way it ended, it was very well done. We’re trying to decide what should fill the tea-time void now that its over and I’m voting for Fringe but if anyone has any other suggestions do let me know!

Video Games

So this was a quiet month for video games up until the weekend just gone. I played a bit of Mariokart 7 on the 3DS with T and a bit of Lego Batman 2 which I managed to snag as a £10 bargain from HMV – and that was all good. Then I accidentally agreed that T could venture into the next ten market and we succumbed to a PS4. It is as great as I thought it would be and so far I have really enjoyed playing on it – in the limited time I’ve had to play on it! I think we made the right decision going for this over the Xbox One for sure and I can’t wait until theres even more out for it.

Other than all that February has been quiet. I’m gearing up for birthdays and weekends away over the next few months and then weddings and births in the months after that so bear with me… things should start getting more interesting soon! Hope you have all had a great Feb!


  • Erin Ek Rush

    We have 8 episodes left in Breaking Bad! It’s so good isn’t it?! I’m not sure what we’ll watch next either but we’ve been taping True Detective.. so hopefully it’s good!

  • Angela Cheung

    It’s lovely to know another blogger living nearby!

    We loved Fringe, up until season 3 I think. We didn’t watch the next series as I got frustrated with how they kept a lot of things unexplained before ending the series. Normally shows will at least tie up most of the loose ends, and then open another one for next season, which I’m fine with. But waiting for 2 series before I can understand a bit more is too long.

    Having said that, we got bored at episode 4 of Breaking Bad, so you might not want to listen to my opinion there ;p

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