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No Books Allowed (#12)

Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is a monthly feature hosted by me, used to discuss things things in life which aren’t connected to books. This post can be used to talk about days out, music, TV, video games, films etc for all those book bloggers out there who do occasionally do stuff other than read and go to book events!

January 2014 
Sorry there was no post for December, life seriously got in the way of everything and I lost touch with blogging in particular to be honest. However 2014 is a new year, a new start and hopefully will have new things for me to experience. Let me tell you a bit about it so far. 
So this year has already been a bit crazy. I got in to work after the Christmas break to find we have a new boss, or at least a second boss in addition to the one we had already, I got a slight promotion with views of getting a bigger one and I celebrated five years with the love of my life.

Days/nights out 

We celebrated the new year with a meal in a local pub and a trip to the cinema to see the second Hobbit film. It was brilliant but seriously, I am not taking my stepson to a movie again, I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out with him talking all the way through! Then I spent a day early in the month visiting family because I didn’t get to see them over Christmas. It was a great day and I really loved seeing my grandparents on both sides, knowing how ill they have been over the last couple of years makes me feel a bit guilty that I don’t get to see them more but thankfully they were actually all looking really well, lets hope they stay that way.

The best night out had to be for mine and T’s five year anniversary. We exchanged gifts (I got him a bracelet with our anniversary date engraved on it and he got me a ring) and we went out to Frankie and Benny’s for tea followed by ice skating. Ice skating was so much fun, I’ve been wanting to go again for ages as its been about five years since I last did it and I’m glad we did. I fell over twice, once was my own fault and the second time I was trying to stop and some guy flew out of nowhere and I totally landed on top of him; embarrassing or what! It was a great night other than that though, thank you T and here’s to the next five years and more xx

TV shows

Me and T have been hit with the Breaking Bad bug and are currently making our way through the show daily. We’ve just hit series 4 and its getting better and better each episode. I love that its not completely serious all of the time and there are some hilariously funny bits but some things do annoy me about the show, especially the lack of decent female characters.
To counter balance that though I have very recently started watching Girls, the Lena Dunham show that has been given a lot of press about its feminist stances and the topics it covers in a very awkwardly funny way. I love it and I can’t wait to watch more.


Last time I posted I mentioned that we were hoping to invest in a Wii U and in December we did, we’ve almost completed Mario 3d World tougher though I keep killing us so I guess I’m a bit rubbish. I’ve also started doing Wii Fit U but I’m rubbish at keeping on top of it, oops! 
I recently started playing Professor Layton and The Curious Village again on my 3DS and am hoping to do a run through of the entire series of games cos I loved playing that and its follow on Professor Layton and Pandoras box on the DS a few years ago. I got a voucher for Christmas for games and bought an amazing game thats kinda a bit like a crossword with pictures but not called Picross in which you uncover pictures by deciphering the numbered code down the side of a grid. I ran through that game ridiculously fast! 

I spent a lot of time over Christmas and since watching movies and have finally watched a few I was hoping to watch last year, including Despicable Me 2 which I adored and Arthur Christmas which I thought was terrible just for its sexism and the fact that Santa Claus comes across as a right prick. Hobbit 2 was incredible and I can’t wait to go see the last one next year and see where they go with it!

So that was pretty much my January. I haven’t done much cos of the cold and wet and the fact I’m poor but things should definitely get more interesting from now on with birthdays, hen parties and weddings all coming up in the next few months. Hope you all had a great January, and 2014 is the best for you.

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