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No Books Allowed (#1)

Hello, Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is my new semi-regular feature in which I discuss things I have been doing lately which don’t involve books. I’m saying semi-regular because well, I have to do stuff other than book events and read for there to be anything in this post and well other than work I rarely do that! Hopefully this feature will run monthly and talk about music, video games and other stuff.

This month I am just testing the waters and would really like your feedback, if you would rather I just stuck to books let me know, this is after all a book blog and I don’t want to bore my lovely readers talking about other stuff! 
Music is a huge part of my life and I go to gigs whenever possible. This month I’ve been gearing up for one of my favourite bands new albums. Funeral For a Friend are a Welsh band from Bridgend. They have been a favourite of mine for nearly ten years and I’ve seen them around 15 times.
I’m due to go see them again next month and their new album, Conduit came out on January 29th. Whilst I wish I could share my thoughts on that with you today I can’t because, well, I haven’t been paid yet so I couldn’t buy the album! 
To get me in the mood for Conduit though I’ve been frequenting myself with their other albums and EPs, most of all their latest one. Welcome Home Armageddon hit the shelves in March 2011, with a follow up EP in October 2011, See You All In Hell. Unfortunately this album didn’t get as much coverage as it should have done and it rarely gets coverage on my iTunes because I prefer the earlier albums. However with the new album coming out and me due to see them next month I thought I’d listen to it more and wow, its grown on me. I can safely say I have a favourite song now, which I didn’t before, and that is definitely Owls (Are Watching). It’s such a magical song and it sucks me in as soon as it comes on. 
I will probably chat about Conduit and my seeing FFAF again next month but if you like emo/post-hardcore stuff I would definitely recommend you give them a listen. 
Video Games 
I love playing video games but since starting this blog I rarely play them anymore. This is because I feel the need to get my read on so I have something to post! My new years resolution this year was to not be so bothered if I end up missing a day or two on the blog and chill out with it a bit more, giving time to other things. 
This month Ron Gilbert and Double Fine productions released a video game entitled The Cave. Ron Gilbert produced Monkey Island and The Day of The Tentacle back in the 90’s and has since worked on a verity of games for LucasArts. This new game takes place in a cave, obviously. You choose three of the characters from the seven available and you take them on a tour, doing puzzles to get to the next part of the cave. 
I’m not that far in and to be honest I haven’t played many adventure games like it but I really am enjoying it. The art style is awesome and the humour in the game is brilliant. There’s a couple of technical glitches but nothing to taint my enjoyment of the game just yet, hopefully I wont come across any major glitches! 
The Cave isn’t a long game, around 4-5 hours so I’m hoping to get it completed soon, but for now I am just sitting back and enjoying it for what it is – a funny adventure game which is a pleasure to play. 
I don’t watch a lot of TV, in all honesty I only have sky soI can put Scuzz or Kerrang on in the background whilst I’m reading and record those few shows I do watch. However me and the guy have just started Season Six of american show Dexter. There’s something fascinating about that show, even though it frequently makes me feel a bit queasy whilst eating my tea! 
Also, even though this is slightly related to books, I have started watching My Mad Fat Diary, its fantastic. I wasn’t going to bother with the show because I had recently read Rae Earl’s new book and didn’t enjoy it, then some of my non-booky friends mentioned how good it was and I watched it. Never have I laughed so much! Its brilliant! I will have to dig the book out from somewhere and give that a read too! 
That’s all from me, I hope you have enjoyed this random non-booky post and feel free to share any of your thoughts, or things you have been up to this month, in the comments too! 


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