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Night School – CJ Daugherty

“‘Hurry up!’
‘Will you chill out? I’m almost finished.’
her jaw set, Allie croucher in the dark, painting the last T as Mark knelt beside her holding a torch. Their voices echoed in the empty corridor. The light beam illuminating her work quivered when he laughed.
A sudden snapping sound made them both jump.
Lights flickered above them, then flooded the school hallway. 
Two uniforms stood by the door.”

Allie is in trouble, again. After being arrested three times in the space of a year her parents have had enough. They are shipping her out to a boarding school she has never heard of. When Allie gets there she soon realises things are never going to be the same for her again. The Cimmeria Academy is different from everything she’s ever known, and for once she thinks she could actually be happy there. However it soon becomes apparent that things aren’t as straight forward as they may seem, people are keeping secrets and it may be very dangerous for Allie. 

Night School, oh Night School. I can’t believe I have left you on my shelf for so long, but at least now I don’t have to wait so long for the second book! 
I loved Night School, from what I took to be quite a paranormal story I was obviously completely wrong this is a contemporary story about crime and something sinister. I love that the mystery stays with you a long way through the story and how nicely some things were wrapped up but others were left for us to discover in the next book or books. The story is packed with romance and other general teenage elements but whats going on at the Academy and how Allie fits into that is the main storyline. I have to admit that the romance bugged me a little as the love triangle was a little annoying but I could live with it and that was my only negative of this book. 
The characters were brilliant, I thought Allie settled down a lot when she moved to Cimmeria but once she was there she got some of her first back, I think there’s still some kick-ass in her yet and I am looking forward to the second book to see how much more bad-ass she gets. Other characters seemed really well developed and I liked how they each had a back story. Sylvain was a bit of a prick and I wasn’t impressed with his attitude, even after he apologised. I liked Carter and he seemed really genuine, as did Rachel though there was a bit of a moment where I wasn’t sure about Rachel’s relationship with Allie. I would like the relationship between Allie and her parents to be more developed in the second book but I’m pretty sure it will be.
The book has its creepy moments and I really enjoyed the atmosphere in it. The writing was brilliant and I loved that there was swearing used, it was warranted in many places and was used subtly. I think Night School hit the nail on the head when it comes to action packed contemporary fiction and would recommend it to many older teens. 

Night School was published in January 2012 by Atom. My copy was purchased at an event with the author last year. 

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