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Never Ending – Martyn Bedford

“Waking in the dark chill before dawn, she imagined her first glimpse of the swimming pool, shimming at their journey’s end. 

The sun soaking honey-coated heat into her skin as she stands at the water’s edge. 

Liquid light unfurling before her. Blue and white and silver and gold. 

She imagined diving in.”

Kyritos was meant to be Shiv’s best family holiday. But when tragedy hits in the glorious sun of the Greek island, it hits Shiv harder than anyone else. She knows she’s to blame and knows that the best place for her now is the Korsakoff Clinic where she can face the truth about her brother’s death. The unconventional methods that the Clinic put her through have the change to fix Shiv but theres a fine line between helping and hindering recovery. 


Never Ending is about loss, grief and blame, and how sometimes something can happen which feels almost impossible to recover from.

The book tells the story of Shiv, a 15 year old who has lost her little brother. Only a couple of years between them they were actually good friends and were very close, which is shown in the flashbacks to the holiday before Dec dies. He was funny and sweet, but you don’t find out how he died until late on in the book. That is a major part of the book as Shiv is grieving and is struggling to really come to terms with the death.

The main plot line within the book is that Shiv has been placed an a top psychiatric unit to try and get over what has happened. This was really interesting for me as I wanted to learn more about how the methods would actually help Shiv and if they would work for her and I liked seeing how the author included different reactions from the different characters. I wanted to know what happened to Dec, of course I did, but really I wanted to find out how this special clinic was meant to help Shiv, and what made it so special.

The characters really helped me love this book too as they were all so interesting. I really enjoyed the relationship between Shiv and Mikey and the role Mikey played in Shiv’s recovery process. I think the contrast of these two characters was really well done and I thought it was interesting seeing their relationship bloom in the way it did.

The ending of the book was really brilliant but I won’t say much for fears of spoilers, however I really thought that it went where I needed it to as a reader and the revealing of what went on was cleverly done. I am definitely interested in the author and will be trying to get my hands on his other YA book, Flip, as soon as possible!

Never Ending was published by Walker Books in February 2014. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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