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My True Love Gave to Me – Edited by Stephanie Perkins

In this collection of twelve tales we meet an orphan who falls for a god, a jewish boy who is willing to do anything for his boyfriend – even be santa, and a couple who took far too long to realise they were meant to be. Each story written by a major name in YA romance, My True Love Gave To Me will melt your heart on the cold winter nights and make you believe again. 


This book was brilliant, it was just what I needed in the run up to the Christmas period and it gave me tingles thinking about some of the fresh romances that were present within. Many of the names on the cover were known to me but some were new. I’m not going to lie in saying that some of the names were familiar and unfortunately I didn’t like the stories they were familiar for but I don’t think there was a single story in My True Love Gave to Me that I didn’t like.

I most certainly had my favourites and some actually surprised me, both in good ways and bad. I think my favourites were Laini Taylor’s The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer, Matt de la Peña’s Angels in the Snow, Stephanie Perkins’ Its a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown, Krampuslauf by Holly Black and Welcome to Christmas, CA, by Kiersten White.

Each of these stories really stayed with me and brought something festive out. I love Laini Taylor and Stephanie Perkins anyway so I expected to love them but Holly Black is sometimes hit and miss for me, and both Matt de la Peña and Kirsten White are new to me completely, needless to say though I will be checking them out following on from this.

I loved the fantasy element of both The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer and Krampuslauf and how they seemed to have more to them than just the love story. The little things about Stephanie Perkins story like North’s name and the pagan/hippie connection was brilliant and I really liked the characters in Angels in the Snow and Welcome to Christmas, CA.

I was surprised by David Leviathan’s Your Temporary Santa and Rainbow Rowell’s Midnights. I love both of these authors a lot but these stories fell a little flat. I liked the idea of Rainbows and David’s was ok but I think what both of these authors do best is character development and in short stories like this is really hard to do to a suitable level for me.

I think the collection as a whole was really great and I think there will be something for everyone in its pages. Together they make a brilliant collection to bring the reader into the Christmas Spirit and I really enjoyed reading the book and I think it might be one that I revisit each Christmas… especially those stories mentioned above that I loved.

My True Love Gave to Me was published by MacMillan Children’s Books on October 9th 2014. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. 
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