What are your favourite children's book this international children's book day?
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My top five (six) picture books this #InternationalChildrensBookDay

Did you know that International Children’s Book Day is today? It’s celebrated on Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday and is designed to “inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children’s books” according to the IBBY website.

With this in mind I thought I would share the picture books that are on my favourites list at the minute. These are the books that inspire me and that I want to share the most with Spike as she grows.

Moon – Britta Teckentrup

This book tells a story about nature and the moon phases across the world.  How the moon changes and how that effects things on the planet. All with a cute cut out of the moons phases, so your child can see clearly the differences. I love the story and the way it tells the importance of the moon and Spike absolutely adores all the different animals and how shiny the moon is! Read our review here.

Words and Your Heart – Kate Jane Neal

This dropped onto my doorstep without me having heard about it. But as soon as I read the press release I knew I had to read it.  Its about the way that the words you speak can hurt, or help, the people around you. It was written for use in schools to help young children understand the importance of the words they use around each other and puts to bed the age old ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ saying. Because words can hurt, and they are as harmful as physical objects sometimes. Spike isn’t as enamoured with this book as I am, but I continue to share it with her because it is important. (Full review to come)

Tiger Tiger – Jonny Lambert

I only read this book for the first time a few days ago. Its been on our to read pile for ages and there is a full review to come of it. But it is the most adorable story of how us adults can sometimes forget what its like to truly live, until we let the children in our lives lead us back into the world of imagination and adventure. I loved it and Spike did too, with beautiful images and a fantastic storyline it is one I can imagine will be loved for a while!

Kings of the Castle – Victoria Turnbull

I picked this up for its cover. And as soon as I opened the pages I knew I had one the right thing. A true tale of friendship, even with the language barrier, this book is the most beautiful book on our shelves. The illustrations are enough to blow anyone away and I would recommend it time and time again to any of my friends. Read our review here.

Here We Are – Oliver Jeffers

Another book that I haven’t managed to review yet, but is an absolute must read for any parent. This book is a manual written by the fantastic Oliver Jeffers for his new born child. It tells the authors child, and in turn the readers’ what to expect of this fantastical planet we live on and the number one message in life: remember to be kind. Its a message I want to reiterate time and time again to Spike so it’s a book we’ll be reading loads.

Odd Dog Out – Rob Bidulph 

Not pictured because its at the bottom of a very well read pile of books in my sleeping daughters nursery… Odd Dog Out is the most brilliant book I’ve read about a sausage dog who learns to love herself for herself. And in turn learns that every one loves her for being her too. I adore sausage dogs, and I love the message that you should be whoever you want to be and love that person because you are being true to yourself. Read our review here.


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