My pile of September to be read books
TBR Pile

My September reading pile

I was doing regular lockdown to be read pile posts but as the end of Lockdown came about, I stopped. This was because I started getting less time to read again. I realised that I missed doing them though so I think I will try and do a regular monthly post about the books on my list.

My last To Be Read pile

So in June I shared this pile of books with you. I have managed most of them, and extras. I read Carry On because I started Wayward Son and realised I hadn’t finished it… I also read This is Not a Drill by the Extinction Rebellion and The Saddest Kitten which weren’t on the plan but great books.

Finding time to read

I’m forcing myself to read around everything else because its something I love. I think its important to take time for things you love but so often we don’t. I put myself behind Spike, behind the house and T. But I’m missing this part of my life. So no more. Every day I will read. But some days it’ll only be for 15 minutes. So I can’t get through huge piles of books anymore. That’s why this month’s reading pile is only 5 books big.

September reading list

I didn’t get round to Holly Bourne’s How Hard Can Love Be? Or The Box and The Dragonfly by Ted Sanders. So I will pick them up this month.

The only other fiction book I’ve chosen is a collection of Poems that my sister bought me. It’s a Long Life is a collection of poems celebrating Dachshunds which sounds like the cutest book!

Septembers non-fiction choice

In addition I’m cheating slightly as I’ve got my monthly non-fiction book from August to read… Why We Sleep? By Matthew Walker. It’s taking me longer than I expected to read. I started it on the 21st August and I’m only 100 pages in. It keeps making me tired! But I’m determined…

As mentioned, I try and read a non-fiction book each month and as that’s technically August’s book I’ve picked up another for September. Gal-Dem’s I Will Not Be Erased, sounds so amazing. I’m excited to read it.

Share your faves

I’m putting in an order with my favourite bookshop soon asI want the next books in the Polar Bear Explorer’s Club series. So let me know what you’re reading this September and what you’ve loved lately! It might end up on the October reading pile!

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