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My second Isolation to be read pile

In April I shared with you a series of books I was reading and going to read over the lockdown period. Ten weeks in and things aren’t back to normal. I doubt they ever will be. But for the time being, it means I’m getting a fair bit more read.

This month’s reads

May was taken up with finishing The Book of Dust Volume 1 by Phillip Pullman. It took longer than I expected, as did the Hunger Games trilogy. So I’ve only really started on this pile of reads in the last week. So I guess these will get me through June and July.

Non-fiction first

I try to read a non-fiction book every month, so as soon as the Book of Dust was done, I grabbed How To Stop Losing your Sh*t with Your Kids by Carla Naumburg, PHD. Ive just finished it and there’s a lot of useful stuff in it so I’m definitely taking a lot from it. AS that was technically my May non-fiction book, during June I’ll be read Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. I work in Marketing and this is apparently the book to read if you are a marketer. I never got round to my Extinction Rebellion book that I mentioned during the first isolation to be read post, so that will likely be July’s non-fiction read.

A mix up

This latest to be read is a bit of a mix up. There are romances, fantasies, young adult, middle grade and below. I love mixing my reads up in this way as it makes each one fresh. I have had The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman on my bookshelf since it came out, so its about time I read it. And Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowel should have been read as soon as it entered my house a few months ago! I’m sure if you’ve read any of her books you’d agree!

Books for review

As I’ve found myself reading more, I have also been able to work with a few publishers again so this pile has a few books which were sent from those. Elizabeth Wein was on the blog a few weeks ago as part of her blog tour for The Enigma Game, and her book arrived the same day, so I will be enjoying that very soon. I am taking part in the Again, Again by E Lockhart book tour this weekend coming with a review too. I am loving this book as I had a feeling I would! Plus Dragon Detective, School’s Out by the brilliant Gareth P Jones, and Here Lie The Secrets by Emma Young are for review too. Both sound awesome and will be reviewed very soon.

Books that were gathering dust

As mentioned, Ocean at the End of the Lane has been gathering dust for a long, long time. But so has Polar Bear Explorer’s Club by Alex Bell, which was sent to me by the publisher two years ago when it came out. Plus, The Box and the Dragonfly by Ted Sanders which I’ve been meaning to read since it was published too… in 2015. That book is older than my daughter and has been on my shelf for longer than she’s been alive….

Finally getting round to more Holly Bourne

I have heard so many amazing things about Holly Bourne and I have only actually read her stuff in anthologies. But I have loved them. I was lucky enough to be sent The Places I’ve Cried in Public by my friend Jen who has just become an Usborne bookseller, but I have had How Hard Can Love Be? On my shelves for ages. Its the second in the Spinster Club series by the author and I haven’t read the first, but I think they can be read as standalone… I hope so anyway!

How long will this pile last?

Who knows. I reckon I’ll be through it by the end of July. But it depends on a lot of factors. I have read one in its entirety already and I’m halfway through the next…. But it depends on the lockdown and how easing of that goes, plus it depends on my going back to work. How are you doing through lockdown? Are you enjoying more books through lockdown, or are you struggling to read?

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