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My oh so brief affair with Audiobooks.

So I always said that I very much doubted Audiobooks would be good for me. When I claimed this people questioned why and I explained that I thought I would turn myself off to what was going on too much and that they would only, only, ever work for me in the car, alone. 
So I tried it. First of all let me just say that this post is about my experience with my first full length audiobook, I did listen to Click Clack the Rattle Bag by Neil Gaiman last halloween but as that was over before I got to work, at 15 minutes long, I don’t think that counts. Now, as I said, this was my first full length audiobook… At9 hours and 30 minutes this book was going to be no mean feat, but I thought I could handle it. 
For my first book I was careful in my choosing. I wanted something that would grab my attention and that I was interested in. So when I saw The Forest of Hands and Teeth on the audible website I thought it would be perfect. The book had been on my wishlist for years and I had heard fantastic reviews. It was slightly longer than I wanted as I was hoping for something that would see me through a 2 hour each way drive to and from my friends house for her Hen do in April and the same drive to her Wedding in May, plus a little bit here and there in between… 
So I started listening on my first drive, and I was enjoying it… until I got hungry and I started thinking about food. I stopped at some services and ate, got back int he car and started the audiobook again… And I had to go back a bit because I couldn’t remember things that had happened. 
The first drive was ok and other than the minor hiccough I really liked it… until the drive home brought me the realisation that the main character was called Mary not Marry and that the story was a little bit flat. I didn’t enjoy that much of it and if I had to hear a few select words any more I would scream… I stopped at services again on the way home and after that put music on instead.
I still haven’t gone back. 
I was going to, I really was, but I just can’t bring myself to at all. I’m not sure if its the book or the fact its an audiobook but I just can’t do it. It has also meant that the book I was so desperately looking forward to has dropped off my wishlist and I won’t think about reading the paper version now either, much to my own dismay. 
All in all I wanted to enjoy audiobooks. I am not sure if it was the narrators voice or the story or just the fact it was an audiobook that put me off, but I think I can definitely say that it wasn’t for me. But I am interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on Audiobooks, whether you love them or hate them, let me know. Also if you do love them please feel free to try and sway me by recommending some good ones and if you are a fan of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, please let me know! 


  • maya

    When I was little I had a tape of short stories that my mum put on in the car whenever we’d be driving for a long time, and I remember really liking them. I think I’d have the same problem as you with a long audio book though, which is why I haven’t listened to any in years.

  • Cait

    I reall like audiobooks, but I always have since I was a kid. I think, for someone’s first try, they should either go for a book they’re familiar with or one with a really good narrator. Sometimes narrator choice does ruin a book and a lot are read by standard readers who don’t do voices or anything. If you’re ever tempted to try again, the HP ones are amazing as they’re read by Stephen Fry, and I love the Divergent one as well

  • Anya

    I haven’t listened to audio books for years, not since I was little, but lately I’ve been wishing I had something to do on the walks into town or to uni or whatever. Might have to give it a go, but it would take a while to get through a single book, I imagine!

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