My Lunatic Life – Sharon Sala

“The alarm that Tara Luna had set with such confidence last night yanked her rudely from Channing Tatum’s arms, just when he was about to kiss her.

Omg… did the universe have a wicked sense of humour or what?
She rolled over to the side of the bed and turned it off
‘What a mood killer,’ she muttered, and sat up.”
Tara is a psychic, she doesn’t like the term but it’s the only way she can explain how she knows things other people don’t. She can also talk to ghosts and has two that have followed her through life since she was little, everywhere she’s been dragged by her Uncle Pat with his Gypsy like ways. She’s starting yet another school, this time in Oklahoma at the beginning of her senior year. Being the new kid sucks but she’s determined to make it work for her and when she doesn’t back down to queen bee, Prissy, she gathers the attention of cute bad-boy Flynn. This is hardly good though, especially when he starts noticing her weird behaviour.

I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages so when I was accepted for a NetGalley review copy I was over the moon, when I started reading it I was really impressed with the story and Tara’s personality but the writing wasn’t the best and that let the book down.
I loved the story about Tara being psychic, her Uncle refused to acknowledge anything inexplicable so she couldn’t talk to him about it and this made her life all the more bizarre. Throw in a new school, being haunted by good, and evil, ghosts and a trio of mean girls and there’s not a lot going right for Tara. She soon discovers that not only is there an evil spirit after her attention but one of the popular girls, who she’s known for not getting along with, has gone missing. The story escalates and it turns into a great paranormal thriller. I really enjoyed the fast pace and gripping storyline!
I loved the characters as well. This book is definitely one which reminds us that we shouldn’t judge by first impressions as not only Flynn, but also Mel are not who they appear to be. Tara is a brilliant main character with a lot of strength, bravery and a huge kick ass attitude. Her relationship with her Uncle is brilliant and you can tell that they love each other very much.
The writing is what let this story down for me. There were phrases that jarred with me and I can’t work it out if it’s just the American way of saying sayings that are similar but different to the English versions or not. I have never really come across it like this before though so I don’t think that’s the case as I’ve read a lot of American teen fiction. There was also a lot of description of menial things like looks and settings. I got bored of reading about Tara’s oval shaped face and her gangly legs and I think that the story could have been edited a bit stronger to reduce this.
Overall I did really enjoy this story, is a quick, fast paced thriller complete with spooky goings on and amazing settings but the writing made the experience a little less enjoyable than I had hoped, I would still recommend this book though and cannot wait for the next in the series.
My Lunatic Life is Sharon Salas debut YA novel, having written for over 20 years on adult fiction. It was published in the US by Bell Bridge Books in August 2011. The second in the series was published in November 2011. Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for my copy.
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