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My Kindle Confession…

I have a confession to make… 

 I want to name and shame myself as a kindle book hoarder. 

I have so many books on my kindle and I honestly cannot remember the last time I read anything on it! I can’t believe how little I used it considering how much they were when I paid for it, not too pricey but for something I’ve used very little it was a lot! 

I’m pretty bad for hoarding books in general, but at least I am constantly reading my physical books, they are always moving around on my shelves and moving positions in the TBR importance pile in my head.. 

My kindle, at the time of this post, has a total of; 47 books to be read, those I have bought from Amazon; 21 books from Netgalley, those I have requested and not got round to reading yet; and two books sent from publishers to review. 

This is terrible. I know I need to read these, but I forget they are there, I forget that I need to read them and when I go for a new book I instantly go to my paper books… because they take up more shelf space, because they can be seen and I can think, I need to get that tbr pile down. The TBR pile doesn’t go down if its not seen unless you are looking at a screen… 

However, a further part of this problem is that I really don’t like reading from my kindle. Its nothing to do with the device, I think that is brilliant, but I don’t have a commute which I can read on and I rarely go out the house, to somewhere I have chance to read. When I try reading it at home I feel silly, like its a travel accessory, rather than a device for reading.. 

I was wondering if it was just me that feels this way? Do you have similar feelings towards your kindle/ereader? Do you have a preference, even if its not one that is conscious? 

I made it one of my new years reading resolutions to read more from my kindle and I am hoping that I get my virtual TBR on it down by the end of the year, lets hope so eh?! 


  • Jesse Owen

    I completely agree. In a way I regret buying mine – since I bought it I’ve read one book on there (and that was last August).

    If I want a book to read I turn to my physical books – the Kindle doesn’t even get a look in.

    And to be honest I don’t think I’ll change – I don’t particularly like reading on there. I can see its usefulness but it doesn’t really work for me.

    Fab post!

  • Jess Hearts Books!

    I shamefully have 100 and something waiting to be read on mine! I much prefer reading a physical book so my e-books end up getting neglected 🙁 I still can’t resist the cheap deals on Amazon though!

  • Michelle

    I love my physical books, and like you I have a lot of ebooks waiting to be read.
    Since I can’t read when travelling without dosing up, I don’t tend to read on the journey to work. I take my physical books with me and read them before I start work and during my dinner hour. I try to read my ebooks for a few hours each day at home since I refuse to carry my ipad with me to read them out the house.

  • Nina @ Death Books and Tea

    I have books on my kindle that I’ve accumulated over a year and a bit…I do get quite a bit of use out of my kindle-an hour a day on school bus journeys and it’s so much easier than carrying around a heavy book. Big downside of kindle- it really is much easier to hoard if you don’t have them literally stacking up in front of you.

  • Debbie Turner

    My kindle was a present, so I kinda feel obliged to use it! I don’t receive any paper ARCs so its nice for that. And it would be nice to just have to carry that, but I always end up taking a paper book too!
    I agree its much easier to forget about books on the kindle. And they are less exciting too, because you dont get all the feels, and the size, and the different fonts…

  • Caroline Bbooklbook

    I love my kindle. I even wrote a post declaring my love

    I think that the predominately reason I love it is because it gives me access to fantastic indy and self published writers.

    Having said that, most of my favourite self published authors have been snapped up by traditional publishers and it is Uber exciting to see some of my favourites being made in to physical books.

    As with all of my favourite kindle reads, I will be purchasing the physical copies for my book case.

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