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My Dinosaur is More Awesome! – Simon Coster

my_dinosaur_is_more_awesome_Simon_Coster_readaraptor_book_reviewIt’s a battle of the Dinosaurs – who should win?!

Should it be Olivia’s dinosaur with the ability to play a trumpet while riding a bike, or Joel’s dinosaur who can swim like a shark and has x-ray vision? The pair have a list of qualities for their dinosaurs as long as the kitchen table, but its hard to say which dinosaur is really better… especially when a third dinosaur comes into the mix from out of nowhere! After all, what could be more fearsome than a dinosaur that once ate a volcano and wears slippers the color of rainbows?


Of course with a title like that I was never going to stop myself from picking up this book – especially when Amazon had it on sale for 84p for a hardback physical edition! I loved the sound of it and for that price knew I couldn’t go wrong. I read it as soon as it arrived and soon realised that its definitely worth the RRP and I probably need to buy it again so my local library has their own copy!

It’s going to be really hard for me to talk about what I love the most about this book without spoiling part of the story so don’t read on if you are really bothered about its storyline… just know that its fantastic and ends reading!

Basically this book portrays sibling rivalry at it’s best. A brother and sister sit at the dining table and compete as to who’s dinosaur is better, batting qualities back and forth trying to one up the previous quality, this goes on for a while and then a third dinosaur is thrown into the competition – Mummy’s dinosaur!

I think one of the reasons I loved this book so much was that it was mummy messing about and joining in the fun when so often she’s the serious one and daddy joins in the fun! It bends the stereotypes in parenting and smashes the one to do with only boys liking dinosaurs – which I’m all for!

With funky illustrations and a very amusing storyline this book was definitely one that stuck in my mind for how awesome it was as soon as I read it and its one I will carry on reaching to for a long time!

My Dinosaur is More Awesome! was published in March 2015 by Sky Pony Press. My copy was purchased on Amazon.

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