My Bookshelves (2 of 2)

to be read bookshelf

So last week I showed you the bookshelves from downstairs, in my living room. This week I want to show you the ones from my bedroom… I wish I could have these shelves on show like the ones in my living room but no such luck as my house is teeny, I need a huge living room!

First up is a small pic of my tar bookshelf. The whole three shelves here are unread. I have books that I bought using a voucher from Christmas 2010 on this shelf and it mocks me every time I pass it! I try and cycle my books and take some of these downstairs for my Billy every now and then but I’m not great at doing that!
Amongst this collection is Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver and The Scorpio Races, books three and five of the Gallagher Girls series, Book one and two from the Scott Westerfeld Leviathan series and the entire Michelle Zink Prophecy of the Sisters series… I really need to start some of them!
On top of the shelf I have my Nightmare Before Christmas ‘Sally’ doll and my ‘Bride’ doll from Corpse Bride… I love Tim Burton… and Peter the pterodactyl and a pic of me and the other half!

Over in the other corner of the room I have a further two shelves… As you can see one is nicely empty except it seems to have become over run with dinosaurs! The other is jam-packed. This is the only shelf that I share with my other half, but don’t be fooled, most of the books are still mine! This is my corner of the bedroom, my other half is a bit of a neat freak (love you if you read this!) and does’t like clutter so this is my organised clutter space! The guitar is his though… mines in its bag somewhere else in the house!

My book corner

The first shelf obviously hasn’t got a lot on it, the bottom shelf is all unread books from various sources. The review books that I have got months in advance have been put on here until closer to publication date and other books include the second in the Inkheart series and Other Words for Love which I really hope to get to soon! The next shelf up is read books that I have finished upstairs, or haven’t taken to be homed on the YA shelf downstairs yet but as you saw last week I am running low on shelf down there so I’m thinking that these books will probably stay upstairs.

The next one tucked away in the corner is one of the strangest collections of books you will probably ever see. Most of these are adult books, there’s a few YA books mixed in, especially on the top which has my Malorie Blackman Naughts and Crosses series, the first couple of books from the Stravaganza series and Inkheart held between bookends which I think I got when I was born… As well as being adult and YA books there is a crazy mix of genres, and you will find textbooks, novels, reference books and comics/graphic novels on this shelf.

Classics, feminism and Language reference books

The top two shelves are double stacked so you can hardly see the books by just looking at the shelf. The top shelve holds my small collection of typically ‘chick lit’ type books, including my Cecila Ahern books. However you find Atonement by Ian McEwan, some Ian Banks and a few of the Adrian Mole books here and also my feminism books, including Germaine Greer’s The Female Ennuch.

On the shelf below at the back you find a lot of my classics and other books that I read for uni. I did English Language and Literature at uni and you can really tell when you see this shelf. I have a beloved collection of Jane Austen’s novels which my sister bought me for my 18th birthday a variety of Shakespeare plays, two copies of Wuthering Heights even though I can’t stand it! You can also find my English Language reference books here including Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson which I thoroughly recommend, David Crystal and a collection called The Dictionary Series which has a book on Adverbs, Proverbs, Word Origins and ‘English through the ages’… need any more proof I’m a geek?

geekery very visable on this shelf! 

I cover the above up with just as geeky books to be honest, at the from of the top shelf you will find my Lord of the Rings trilogy (third book still unread), my other halve’s Halo and Mass Effect books, a few Irvine Welsh books, a nearly complete set of nick Hornby books and David Nicholl’s books. The next shelf down has more classics, including Charles Dickens, more Shakespeare plays and more modern classics like Catch 22, 1984 and The Graduate, some belonging to the other half… then there’s yet more English Language books, like Lynne Truss’s Eat, Shoots and Leaves.

The final shelf at the bottom is yet another mis-match of books like the bottom shelf of my Billy downstairs. Most of these books belong to my other half, including some computer related books, but my dictionaries (yes plural) are there, along with my Creative Writing Coursebook (I wanted to do creative writing at UEA for a while), a couple of books about Dreams and my complete Oscar Wilde book. some of the skinnier books are comics and graphic novels. I have the first in The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman on this shelf, along with my OH’s copy of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee by Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim creator) plus more. Some of my graphic novels are downstairs and I keep meaning to put them all together up here, that may be a job for the weekend!

My Harry potter books with Dino bookends and glow in the dark dinos! 

Just going back to my shelves downstairs, I was asked last week for a close-up of my dinosaur bookends by Sarah at Feeling Fictional, so I’ve included it into this weeks post! I hope you like Sarah, my other half bought them for me for christmas from ebay I think!

I hope you have enjoyed my tour around my bookshelves, I’ve enjoyed showing them off!


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