My Bookshelves (1 of 2)

Just to be a little different today I thought I’d share my bookshelves with you and talk a bit about how they are organised and stuff. I love seeing other peoples shelves so hopefully some of you guys out there do too! The idea is partly inspired by Kirsty’s blog The Overflowing Library and the bookcase showcase post Kirsty hosts on a Saturday as well as various other posts Ive seen around the blogosphere.

So I have, erm, six bookcases, thats a lot right? but thankfully one hasn’t got any books on it, just video games and dvds, so I won’t show you that one! Another is one that the newest replaced and I haven’t filled it up yet so it currently acts as the Dinosaurs home… yes I need one of those! ๐Ÿ˜‰

First up are the ones in my living room. As you can see I have two bookcases here, one is a large Billy bookcase and its a little sparse at the minute but I’ve filled it with other things as well as books.
The other is what used to be my main bookcase and is now my pretty much YA only bookcase.

The shelves on my Billy bookcase are mainly filled with my to be read books. The top shelf is just photos and ornaments but then the shelf below has my to review pile on it, these are organised into date order and post-it noted with the date of publication.

Below that is my collection of Harry Potter books. I want this to grow and get other versions of these but for the moment I have the classic covers held together with my dinosaur bookends and mini glow in the dark dinosaurs that Laura from Sister Spooky got me!

TBR review pile

Below that is the next to read pile. which I try and sort out but fail. My kindle lives on this shelf too!

Then theres a CD and DVD shelf and the bottom shelf is a random shelf full of all my old uni books and language books.

On the smaller bookshelf all my YA and children’s books are held. This also has my small collection of Manga on it. I try and keep my books together by author and genre. On the top theres more fantasy type books. Then the second shelf is all my contemporary YA that I cherish, to the right theres all the books that I read when I was younger that I don’t want to get rid of like older Sarra Manning and Looking for JJ and The Opposite of Chocolate.Newer additions on the shelf include Cat Clarkes books (only ones on the pic because Torn is at my friends!) and Keris Stainton.

TBR-next shelf

Further down the bookshelf you can find my paranormal YA and dystopian books along with a couple of others mixed in like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. I may have to start moving these books to the Billy soon and put my tar on here because my YA collection is growing to extreme lengths. Thankfully half my YA collection is actually with my sister at the minute!

my manga, fantasy and contemporary reads!

So yeah, this is my living room collection of books. I have pictures of my bedroom collection of books (and I don’t mean that in a rude way!) that I will be posting too if anyone appears interested at all!


  • Sarah

    It’s always good to get to peek at other people’s shelves! I can’t wait to get mine all organised when I move & love seeing how everyone has their books layed out :o)

  • P.E.

    Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ You have a ton of books. I don’t even have one bookshelf yet, my room is crazy mess of piled up books. I want to get one of the Expedia ones from IKEA, or something similar to yours but huge.

  • Michelle

    6 book cases is perfectly fine. I have 3 medium ones and 2 tall ones that have 4 rows of books in each cubicle of it (5 cubicles each bookcase)

    I love how you label the books, I do the same with mine. I have them on top of my bookcase, and on the wall behind it I have stuck mini post it notes with the title and publication month so I can keep track of how far I am.

    Thanks for giving up a peak into your bookcases ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Liz. R

    Wow that’s a lot of books! I love your shelves – my books are currently stacked on tables and the floor because I’ve run out shelf space :P. Loads of great books as well! I have the Narnia boxset too (though a different edition).

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