My best books of 2011 part 2: June – Dec

Ok so, I did a post back in June highlighting my favourite books of 2011 so far… and I thought it was only fair to do another top ten for June – December for you guys, naturally, so even thought this is REALLY hard here goes….

Jessie <3’s NYC – Keris Stainton

Jessie was an amazing story of love and realisation about the world. I loved the aspect of growing up and seeing your parents as their own beings and this book had to be included in my top ten of June – December just for Chapter 20… Keris knows I think that chapter is one of the best ever written! I am also lucky enough to have met Keris a few times this year and those meetings have been a brilliant highlight of the year too, I love that I have an author who I can quite happily call a friend!  (my review is here)

Shadows on the Moon – Zoe Marriott

This was my second Zoe Marriott book and I’ve since read my third and I cant wait for my fourth next year. I am in love Zoe’s writing and there’s an obviously reason for her being in both top tens for 2011… She’s a fantastic writer and has a way with words that just makes you melt into the world she’s created. I recommend Zoe’s books to EVERYONE and even bought my sister a copy of The Swan Kingdom for Christmas! (review here)

Divergent – Veronica Roth

Does this need an explanation really? EVERYONE that I know has read this book has loved it and with good reason. Its one of the best Dystopians there is and I kicked myself for not reading it sooner! In the recent poll that Goodreads carried out this book was ranked as best book of 2011, not just in teen fiction, in all books! That made me so happy! (Review here)

Pink – Lili Wilkinson

If you remember earlier in the year I wrote a very ranty post about the UK/Aus cover of this book, the pink one to the left. Well I ended up buying that cover even though I wanted the US Hardback cover and it really didn’t matter in the end because the cover doesn’t make the book… the book was FANTASTIC and answered a lot of questions that a lot of teens can encounter in those hideous years and every second I read this book I wished it had been out when I was a teen! You may also remember that Scatterheart by this author was on my first top ten of the year… that’s because she’s INCREDIBLE and I cant believe these two books which were so different were written so amazingly well by the same person! she did good!  (review)

Revolution – Jennifer Donnelly

This was a amazingly written, brilliant story that mixed contemporary and historical fiction so, so well. I couldnt put this book down and it also threw in awesome bits about music that just made it blow my mind. I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer and she’s a lovely, lovely person and I was in total awe of her! I really recommend Revolution to everyone! (review here)

Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma

This is one of those books which you really need an open mind about… its main theme is incest and I know it has put SO many people off… it put me off a little bit but I knew I just had to read it to see how it was done! I’m so glad I did because it was a brilliant book and the way it was written really made me question the world we live in and the lives that the characters had. I wont lie and say this book is for everyone but I honestly think that most people should give it a chance. (review)
Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour – Morgan Matson
As you my well know if you read my blog a lot, I love stories with lots about music in them. I loved this one for its education in music and the story itself about travelling across the US with a guy you hardly know after your father has gone and your mother is expecting you to be ok was just brilliant. I loved Amy and Roger both and the writing was brilliant. I have Morgan Matson’s next book on my wishlist just waiting for it to be snapped up over here and to preorder it! (review)

Struts and Frets – Jon Skovron

Yet another one which is all about music, well I say all… theres other aspects to this book and I think they all combined to make a fantastic story. I loved that this is a story focussed around a guy and that doesnt happen so much in YA so it made an already great story bloody awesome! (review here

Wonder – RJ Palacio

This shouldn’t technically be here… it doesn’t come out until March 2012 and I was kindly sent a copy by Emma from Book Angels Booktopia… it wasn’t her kind of book and she knew I wanted to read it so wahey! This is a beautifully moving story about a young boy who has a facial deformity and his first year at school, he is ten by the time he starts school and has a lot to deal with but it takes points of view from him, his friends and his sister which made the story even more special! I urge everyone to read this book and my review for it will be up in the next month or so! 

Naked – Kevin Brooks

another music one.. you starting to see a theme? This book made me want to go back to 1979 and live my life there and then! It was amazing and mind blowing and just wow! I couldn’t not love it! all about the punk movement and what that brought about for people it really opens your eyes to what life was like – and in my case what my mother in law got up to – in the late 70s!! (review)

Dark Parties – Sara Grant

and finally… I only read this the week before Christmas, just before it came out… so its a very late 2011 addition to my own and many others’ bookshelves! If you have ever read 1984 and loved it, along with any other dystopians this is the book for you. It is set in a world which is covered by a protectosphere and the inhabitants are adults at 16. they are given jobs and told to work them, get married and have children, as early as possible! Its a frightening concept and one I could see happening… which made for an excellent book!! (review)

Oops, thats eleven isn’t it, Sorry! I tried, I really tried to narrow it down to 10 but you have to remember that since June Ive read like 100 books so I think I did well… thought theres a few others that should be in this list like Tom Clempson’s One Seriously Messed-up Week, Swin the Fly by Don Calame, Cornelia Funke Inkheart, The Swan Kingdon by Zoe Marriott, Daughter of Smoke and Bone… I really could go on! Ive read some AMAZING books in the past 6 months!


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