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My 2018 reading goals

Goodreads Reading ChallengeSo last year was pathetic for reading. Again. I promised myself that reading Spike a bedtime story every night (with duplicates throughout the year) would mean that I read at least one-two new picture books a week, so I set a target of 104 books on goodreads.

I hoped that would allow for at least 30 YA books for me to enjoy. I failed that target. I think I managed 8. Which I guess is better than the year before. But still.

My goodreads target still wasn’t met though as I kept forgetting to add the picture books to my read list… or couldn’t find them at all. I finished the year on 66 books according to Goodreads. But obviously I did read more than that because one a night every night is 365… and I didn’t read the same ones that many multiple times!

Anyway. This year I’m trying to be better. Better at putting the picture books on my read list, I’m aiming to add any I can’t find because I think the service is a great one and I want as many books on there as possible. I am also aiming to make more time to read for me. I am me, not just a mother, and I want to enjoy my free time doing what I want again. I can finally actually concentrate on a book again so I’m taking advantage of that. I’ve already read my first ‘me’ book of 2018 and I am planning on starting my second today too.

I’m also aiming to read other things this year. I have 2 non-fiction books on my to be read pile right at the top. I am determined to read more of what I am really interested in and these have jumped out at me lately. One is about personalities and understanding your own and people around you. The other is a collection of essays about music by a female rock critic… It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to get into it.

I plan on sharing as much of these books as possible with you all so I really hope you are all still reading my blog. Sorry its been so higgledy piggledy since I fell pregnant in 2014, and you have not had the 4 book reviews a week that I used to do… but I am trying to get back into things and I hope you’ll stick with me!

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