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Mum’s The Word – Timothy Knapman & Jamie Littler

Mums-the-word-timothy-knapman-jamie-littler-hodder-childrens-readaraptorA funny rhyming tale with adorable illustrations showing the importance of a mother’s love.

When a little dog tries to find the word that feels like a cuddle and is as warm as a goodnight kiss, he discovers that the word is… ‘Mum!’


This adorable picture book was published 3 years ago now just in time for Mother’s Day and seemed like the perfect  book to pick up last time we visited the library.

I’m always on the look out for quick bedtime reads that I can get read when Spike is particularly tired. I’ve managed to get our library picks down to a tee with a balance of longer books and shorter books, and this was one of the shorter books. There are few pages that have more than two lines on them but thats not a bad thing at all. Like I say, its perfect for the nights Spike is really tired and it makes the rhyming flow really well.

The story tells of a puppy that is trying to think of a word, and is describing the way the word makes him/her feel. Its so beautiful because everything it makes the puppy feel is amazing and things that you want in your life. Then at the end they realise that the word is mum. So the story is saying that a mum is everything that you want in your life – and thats true. My mum is, and I hope I am to Spike.

The illustrations are awesome and really cute in places, especially at the end where the puppy is reunited with mum. However I think that my absolute favourite page was the “Its a word as warm as a goodnight kiss. There’s no other word that’s as good as this.” page, which features multicoloured stars and the puppy under a blankie with its teddy bear.

This was honestly one of my favourite bedtime story books ever and I really am going to have to get us a copy. Its one of the books I’ve got out the library and felt like I wanted to keep forever and never return it because I can’t bear to part from it while I wait to buy it! I’d definitely recommend!

Mum’s The Word was published in February 2014 by Hodder Children’s Books. My copy was borrowed from my local library. 

To buy the book or for more info please visit:
Amazon | Hive | Goodreads | Author Website | Illustrator Website

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