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Movie Review: G.B.F

So I was approached by Egmont to review their book Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan and in association a movie from Peccadillo Pictures called G.B.F. I liked the sound of what they wanted to do, promote movies and books with LGBT themes in order to raise awareness and acceptance for LGBT individuals so I agreed to have a watch and a read. 
First up was G.B.F, which if you haven’t guessed stands for Gay Best Friend. Its about Tanner, a seemingly average high school student who is well and truly in the closet, his best friend Brent who is quite stereotypically gay and is planning a full blown coming out and three queen bees. The queen bees are battling for popularity and the latest thing in vogue is a GBF so when Tanner is outed due to Brent’s stupidity, they start fighting over who gets to claim him. This causes friction as Tanner allows himself to be claimed to be saved from the bullies and homophobes in his school. 
Things soon progress and the movie is brilliant in that Teen High School Drama kind of way. I would have adored it back when I was younger probably watching it back to back with Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama queen. It was funny and there were also heartfelt bits that really got to me. I think the best parts of the book were Tanner and Brent’s ‘coming out’ to their parents as it showed something you don’t often see in teen movies and books; that parents do actually know their kids and are not blind to whats going on. Brent’s mum was my favourite character because she’s so accepting of everything, it helps that she is played by the woman who played Karen in Will & Grace too! I probably would have hated her if I was Brent though and see why he feels the way he does about her. 
The movie was great due to its diversity of characters. It still had the ‘twee’ aspect of everything all working out right and having a happy ending and I probably would have preferred it if some of the characters like Sophie (who I totally saw myself in) stuck to their ground a little more. I really enjoyed watching and think it said a lot about acceptance and being who you want to be, not what other people expect of you. I love that it explores the idea of not all gay people being the same, and how not all gay people fancy those of the same sex which is something that seriously needs combatting. 
I would definitely recommend the movie especially if you love the teen high school drama movies like those mentioned above, Clueless and Ten Things I Hate about You. It was great seeing some unknown fresh talent and even though Evanna Lynch’s character is a bit of a knob, it was awesome seeing her as someone other than Luna. 
For my review of Two Boys Kissing please visit the blog tomorrow. Thank you to Egmont and Peccadillo Pictures for providing me with a password to view the movie for free prior to its release on DVD on April 14th. 
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