Mini Reviews – Into the Woods by Stacey Whittle and Orange by Neil Gaiman

Orange – Neil Gaiman
This short story was one of those available to read on the World Book day 2012 iPhone App. It is written in the form of answers from some sort of interview; however the reader doesn’t know what the questions are. The Girl answering, Jemima, is talking about some experiment her mother, the inventor of a well known brand – Stuffed Muffins (TM)- was working on to create coloured blowing bubbles that didn’t splutter dye once popped when her younger sister, Nerys, fake tan applying extraordinaire, uses some orange dye on her skin which rakes over her mind and Nerys tries to set out on ruling the world.
The story was brilliant and highly entertaining with some brilliant references but it was also a bit weird, in true Neil Gaiman fashion. I really enjoyed reading it once I got round the strange way it was written. As the story was only about 70 pages long it didn’t take long to read but I was impressed at how much fit into that 70 pages!
Unfortunately I got this through the WBD app which is only available on Iphone, Ipad or IPod, I believe the story also features in The Starry Rift sci-fi anthology but I am unable to verify this.
Into the Woods – Stacey Whittle.
This is an anthology of Fairytales in graphic novel format. Each fairytale told a different story, some of them re-imaginings of classics and others new, and were written and drawn by different people. The collection is only small and I believe the longest story covers just 6 pages, so it didn’t take long to read at all. I was drawn to this book by its cover; I’m not going to lie! And some of the artwork inside was beautiful.
The stories were all really good, the first being a version of Red Riding Hood, set the scene for the rest of the book and I was really impressed by the art and the shocking conclusion to its story. That was the only tale I recognised so if the others were based on other fairytales I didn’t know the original. I liked the way that all nine tales had different art styles and ideas. I think my favourite one had to be The Black Shoes which was creepy but amazing at the same time, it was about a pair of shoes that seemed to have a mind of their own and whilst the idea may strike you as odd and not exciting, the story was a brilliant one.
The one downside to this collection was the length, I wanted more and I thought some of the stories could have had more to them if they were longer. I particularly would have preferred The Black Shoes to have been a bit deeper.
I think there was a tale for everyone within this collection and it’s definitely something I’d recommend to people who like graphic novels. 
My copy of this book was purcahsed from the Cardiff International Comic & Animation Expo, by Jenni from Junipers Jungle, thank you for this Jenni! It is available to purchase online here.

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  • Zoe Crook

    Awesome reviews! I love the WBD app ut I’ve only read two books on it. Orange looks really interesting, the format looks good. Into The Wood is intriguing too! Thanks for posting 🙂

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