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Mini Reviews: Help My Brothers a Zombie! by Annie Graves and Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory by Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift

I received the following books as unsolicited review copies or from a goodie bag received at an event. Whilst they are not my normal age range or genre I thought I would give them a go due to their size and humour aspect. I also thought they deserved the honest review I usually give my review copies therefore have dedicated a mini-review to them. 
Help! My Brother’s a Zombie – Annie Graves

In the deepest, darkest night, Annie is hosting a sleepover, at her house, the one she owns and there are no parents. The children are playing a game, a game that involves telling a story so scary that the other kids wont be able to sleep… It’s Jack’s turn to tell them all about his brother. 
This was such a fun book. Its part of a series and each book has a different character telling their story. Jack’s story is about his brother, who is a zombie and is kept int he attic. I really enjoyed it because it played on the idea of Jack’s brother being a teenager and ergo a zombie.
The book is full of pictures which will make any younger kid really enjoy it and I loved the suspense created by using loads of short sentences and not many words on each page. 
I had a lot of fun reading this and think the series will be enjoyed by many kids in the 6-9 age range. 

Help! My Brother’s a Zombie was published in 2011 by Little Island. My copy was received in a goodie back at the Walker Books Roadshow.
Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory – Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift 
A Builder is threatening the beautiful copse near where the guinea pigs live. The huge digger monster is about to rip up the woodland and they need to do something about it quick! Terry wants to blog about it, Eduardo wants to sing about it and Coco wants to rally the neighbourhood troops. When they bump into Olaf, the great Viking guinea pig, they think they might just have the protest nailed… can they get together and tackle the builder and his digger monster in time? 
Another brilliant and funny story which will have kids and adults alike giggling away at bedtime. This book is light and fun, with a few serious issues thrown in here and there. 
I liked that the guinea pigs were slightly caution about who they talked to online and that they didn’t rush into danger too quickly, though they did kinda go into it for the stories sake I guess. There was a lot of discussion and they all banded together to defeat the monster digger which was very sweet. 
The story was very simple at around 150 pages with lots of pictures thrown in, it wasn’t hard to follow, I think for a child whose family has guinea pigs and are quite tech savvy thing will be a great story to share with them… It tackled overcoming issues, privacy, friendship and jealousy and even tackled a few stereotypes in the meanwhile. I loved each of the characters as they all had their own personalities – and a few even came with a few surprises. 
The book is the third book in the Guinea Pigs Online series and though I haven’t read the others that wasn’t a problem, I don’t think I missed any important back story or anything like that. I thought it was a great fun read and will definitely be passing my copy on to a family with a child in the 5+ age range to enjoy. 

Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory will be published on June 6th by Quercus. I received an unsolicited review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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