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Me, Suzy P – Karen Saunders

“Oh no, oh no, oh no… I can’t believe I’m so late.
How can I be out of breath this flipping quickly? I am seriously, seriously unfit. And these new shoes aren’t helping. They may looking great, but they sure aren’t easy to move in at speed.
In my jacket pocket, my mobile vibrates for the bazillionth time. I don’t need to check it,
because I know exactly who it is. It’ll be my best friend, Millie, asking yet again:
Where r u??!!!”

Fourteen year old Suzy is a clutz, she’s always running late and always causing havoc.
She is a disaster magnet. However when she has to put up with a family of loons,
including big sister Amber who is getting married and wants Suzy in a lime-green
bridesmaid dress, it’s no wonder her life is one big crazy mess. To top it off there’s a new boy in town who everyone is fawning over, and who Suzy can’t seem to keep away from, but she’s been with her boyfriend Danny forever and surely she shouldn’t be thinking about other boys at a time like this?


So the back of this book declares ‘move over Georgia Nicholson, there’s a new drama
queen in town’ and I couldn’t agree more! As a huge fan of the Louise Rennison
protagonist during my teens I have read a few books which have been likened to the
disaster magnet that is Georgia but all have fallen flat, or haven’t been comparable enough
to me. Me, Suzy P is different though, it’s great and I loved it, with its laugh out loud
moments and times you want to hit the book over your head for what’s going on; I think it
might just live up to the comparison!

Suzy is a disaster magnet, and things just keep hurtling towards her at full speed, talking
of which one of the funniest events happens just as we meet her and involves her hurtling
at full speed towards one of the schools popular boys and accidentally pulling his shorts
down to reveal Simpsons Y-fronts, if that’s not enough to make you want to read this book
I don’t know what is! She’s having to put up with fancying the new boy even though she’s
got Danny, Danny’s inability to show affection to her in public – and out of it- and her sister
and mothers crazy wedding plans. She’s got a lot on and the little things in between aren’t
helping. When things with Danny get really tense something happens and the pair fall out.
Most of the book is about Suzy trying to get over it, whilst putting up with all the crazy and
the hilarious things that keep happening in between. I really loved how hilarious this book
was yet how it dealt with some quite serious themes whilst keeping the feeling light.

The characters were great and I loved how they worked together. You really get to
understand how close Suzy and her friends are and you can tell when something’s off.
There’s a closeness between Suzy and her two sisters, that I could really understand
because of my relationship with my siblings, which works brilliantly and there’s a couple of
great plot lines which show that off really well. I loved how normal the family were although
Harry is such a little brat, she wouldn’t last two minutes in my house!

I thought that the language used in Me, Suzy P was authentic and sounded like it was
the thoughts of a fourteen year old girl, the actions of Suzy, her family, friends and even
enemies were realistic and I could see where the plot lines were going without it spoiling

my enjoyment, which was nice. I really hope that there is a series planned out of this book
because I’m not quite sure I’m ready to let Suzy, Millie and friends, especially Murphy, out
of my life just yet.

Me, Suzy P is due for release in January 2013 by Templar. My copy was sent from the
publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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