Made For Each Other – Paul D Storrie

Just after three senior cheerleaders die in a car crash there’s a new undertaker in town. Maria walks straight into the mysterious Tom during school. Realising that he’s the undertaker’s son she tries to be welcoming and can’t help but notice that he is seriously hot. Crushing on Tom she finds an excuse to go and see him, but taking a trip up to the funeral parlour she find she’s faced with something a bit more serious than the usual “does he like me” scenario.

With bodies piling up all over town and Tom’s ‘friend’ Hedy making plans to know everyone its a bit of a whirlwind ride for Maria. 

I’m on a bit of a graphic novel kick at the minute and as I received Made for Each Other over a month ago from Netgalley I thought it was the right time to have a read.
Made For Each Other is the second in the My Boyfriend is a Monster series. I stupidly overlooked this when I requested it but to be honest I don’t think I missed much by not reading the first in the series.
I loved the drawings; I think maybe something was lost by reading this on my phone though. I would rather have seen the picture for real in the book but they were still pretty cool! I loved Hedys character the best, I think I have a thing for gothy bad attitude types! They are always the ones that look best in graphic novels!
The story was pretty good, In graphic novels you don’t often get that much of a back story, you’re in the action straight off but this one was really well paced, nothing felt rushed or anything. And I love the re-telling of the Frankenstein story! As Frankenstein is one of my favourite classics I was really impressed!
I liked the characters but I think the drawings did make Maria look a bit too fragile at times I think. She’s a really strong character so I didn’t like that too much. Toms drawings were really cool too, but not a patch on his dads! Wow, talk about old man hot!
Made for Each Other is pretty girly when it comes to graphic novels. I like a bit more action but I think there was enough flame throwing to get over the overly romantic bits! Made for Each Other is a great take on gothic graphic novels and I would really love to see more like it! 
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