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Love, Lies & Lemon Pies – Katy Cannon

“Home is a funny word. 
It means different things to different people. Everyone believes that the way they live, the way their family do things, that’s normal. Whatever anyone else does? Just plain weird. 
Maybe that means we’re all normal, in our own way. And maybe we’re all a little bit freakish as well. 
Still, say ‘home’ to a group and ask them to define it, and you’ll get as many different responses as there are people.”

When the head of year suggests a meeting at her house to discuss life since her dad died, Lottie knows she must do anything to stop that from happening. She manages to convince him that life is fine and good and to prove it she hammers in that she’s joining the new Bake Club – just to appear more normal. And do anything to keep him from visiting her mum. Little does she know that her over-positive attitude to Bake Club means that Mr Carroll deems it suitable punishment for resident bad boy, Mac; who he seems as nothing but trouble. Neither Lottie or Mac want to be a part of Bake Club, but as their skills develop and the start making, and becoming friends, the lies that Lottie has built up are beginning to crumble more than her Apple Pie topping. Can she keep up the facade of her perfect life as the tensions start to mount in the run up to the end of year Bake Off?

Love, Lies and Lemon Pies is such a sweet book, and I’m not just talking about the cakes within it. The story and its characters, the goings on and the lies that people think will help them, they all build up together to create a fantastic book which deals with an array of topics from the serious to the romantic. 
The story is brilliant and I loed its development. It took on such a nice, free flowing feel and I could see different parts of it opening up well, yet it wasn’t predictable. It all felt real and I think thats what I loved the most. The Bake Club could have easily been a club at my stepsons school and to be honest, the reasons that each of the members had for being there made total sense. I loved that this group who wouldn’t have usually been placed together got to know one another and made friends as would have naturally happened with a group so small who have been put together. The natural progression in their friendships, and in some cases more-than-friendships was brilliant and I loved the book for that 
The characters were just something else and I really wouldn’t be surprised if every teen who reads this book thinks ‘Oh, they’re exactly like so-and-so!’ because they could have been people in my school al those years ago. I loved that they all had their own thing going on, Lottie with her mum, Jasper with his parents, Mac with his Dad, Yasmin with her busy, massive family and Grace with her parents who were never there. I think I had a kind of love hate thing going on with Grace and now I’ve learnt that the next book by Katy Cannon is (I believe) going to be about her I am a little worried which way that is going to swing! I loved all the characters for teaming together and being the better people and I think this book really does cover the idea that we really should be more forgiving towards people and not make assumptions based on the things we thought we knew about a person before actually getting to know them. 
Romance is a major element in the story of Love Lies and Lemon Pies and whilst I’m not the biggest romance fan I really did enjoy it. It was obvious that Mac and Lottie couldn’t have a decent relationship with the lies they were telling each other in the way and I loved that – I also really liked the contrast between their romance and Jasper and Ella’s and how the two of them handled things so much better because they were honest with one another. 
The adults in this book bugged me a lot and I think the only ones I actually liked were Miss Anderson and Julien, the others were all too quick to judge or too stupid/too wrapped up in themselves to care about. I liked that even so a lot of the teen characters still had at least one adult they could confide in though, if only they could see it. 
I think my favourite part of the book was that each chapter was kicked off with a recipe for whatever Bake Club or the characters were making that week and how they are real recipes that can be followed by readers. I quite fancy making some of them myself at some point but I know I won’t be as good as Lottie and the Bake Club guys!
I honestly do recommend this book with all my heart, its a sweet story which tackles serious issues in a fantastic way and does so with characters you will adore. The writing sucks you in and before you know it an hour and 100 pages will have flown by. I do also recommend however that you have some snacks to nibble on while reading cos it gets you really hungry thinking about all the fantastic food the characters get to eat! 

Love, Lies and Lemon Pies was released on 5th May 2014 by Stripes Publishing. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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