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Love Bomb – Jenny McLachlan

“Holy smoke… school actually started seven minutes ago and here I am, playing with Lego. I shake frosts into my mouth, plug down some warm milk and abandon my last birthday presents. I’m actually going to have to run to school. At least I get to try out my brand new Puma trainers… gold stripe!”

When Betty lands at the feet of new boy Toby she will do anything – literally anything – to keep seeing him around school. As the two get closer Betty starts thinking about what her first kiss will be like, obsessing about the boy she has suddenly found has pride of place in her life. She needs help, and advice, but with her dad suddenly in his own love bubble where else can she turn? Thankfully her mum, who died when she was a baby, planned for this time in her life and hid letters about life, love, and loss, in the attic. With the help of her mum’s letters can Betty find out what love is really all about? 


I really, and surprisingly, enjoyed Jenny McLachlan’s first book in the Ladybirds series, Flirty Danching, and when this dropped through my door I was unsure if it would hit the same mark. Unfortunately it wasn’t as brilliant as Flirty Dancing because it didn’t have the whole rockabilly/jive thing that I was so connected to, but Love Bomb was still pretty darn good!

The story was predictable and I saw a lot of what happened coming but thats not to say I didn’t enjoy it. I thought that it was a fun read with a lot of what its like to be a teenager thrown in. It was realistic and there wasn’t the ridiculous brooding you so often get in YA romances. What Betty was experiencing was just like the crushes I experienced at 15 and I laughed so much at some of the stuff that happened because I know I was the same.

There were parts of the book where I thought Betty was being ridiculous and childish, but I guess when you’re just turning 15 – and throughout your teenage years – there are times when you are stupidly childish. The bits with her dad and Rue were the worst because of the way Betty behaved but I know that it is the response that a lot of teens would have in her situation. I liked what Betty learned about herself in the book and how much she grew as a character. I also liked her friends in the book too and it was brilliant to come across them once more.

The thing with the Ladybird series is that is exactly what it is meant to be. Its funny, its light and best of all its real. Its what so many kids in its target audience want to read because they are going through similar things. Ok its predictable but its so relatable that you want what happens to happen and you want there to be a happy ending because at the end of the day you want a happy ending too. I will definitely be interested to seeing if theres a third Ladybirds book and which character it will be about.

Love Bomb will be published on 12th March by Bloomsbury. My copy was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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