Lottie Biggs is (Not) Tragic – Hayley Long

“I am what I am
Just when I thought I knew everything about me that there is to know, I have gone and shocked myself. I am potentially the next Lady Gaga. I’ve written my very own chart-topping smash hit pop classic, which succeeds in being both poppy and light and deep and meaningful all at the same time. When you consider I gave up music at the end of Year 9, this is actually quite incredible.”
Lottie Biggs has had her fair share of adventures and interesting events. Following her slight mental disturbance in the summer and an interesting start to Year 11, Lottie is looking forward to finishing the school term, getting to Christmas and having a good time. But then she suddenly hits crisis point. Her mum is having an affair with Stevie Wonder (not the real one!) who has a horrible Shemo daughter, her best friends comes over all strange at the sight of a nerd and Gorgeous Gareth keeps saying strange things to her! Whatever has come over everyone is far too much for Lottie, and when you can’t handle the heat, it’s time to get out of the kitchen!!

Awww Lottie, Lottie, Lottie. I love you but you are a bit of a nutter!
It’s no secret that I love this series of books. I think Lottie is an awesome character who really doesn’t help herself in stupidly ridiculous situations! She’s the true picture of a teenage girl and lets face it; us girls know how crazy that time in life can be! This latest instalment of the Lottie Biggs series is yet another that had me laughing, shouting and welling up all the way through.
Lottie is pretty much ok with things following her slight mental breakdown in the summer… but then she starts thinking about things too much, even though her counsellor told her not to! She gets herself worked up in ways she knows she shouldn’t and then things get out of hand. I loved the story based around Lottie’s mum and her new guy. I think it actually showed the way teens can react in that situation but I really didn’t like Lottie’s mum at that point. I think if my daughter had been going through counselling I would have tried to handle everything a little better… even if Lottie was being a bit childish!
As with the previous two books in this series, Is (Not) Tragic has lots of weird and wonderful snippets into other peoples lifes that Lottie only temporarily picks up on. I LOVED the whole thing with Gareth loving US and YouTube and stuff and the little blushes from Tim and Goose… Theres so much there that I wanted to shake Lottie at times and tell her “wake p and smell the roses, can’t you see there’s something there” I actually love how totally blinded Lottie is sometimes because I think it makes the book even funnier, and I don’t think Lottie is any more selfish and blind to other people than most teenage girls are! (I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with teenage girls as you can tell!)
Hayley Long has a way of writing that literally picks you up and plonks you in the mind of a slightly crazy 15 year old girl. It is terrifying, it is quite selfish and it is damn right crazy at times but I love it. I miss being at that age sometimes when I read these books but I think that’s because I know I’m safely away from being that age now! I honestly think that most teenage girls would read this series and just click with Lottie, and that’s what a great YA should achieve!
Also, just as a PS. I think Shemo is a brilliant word!! Though, I would blatantly be described as one and would probably take offence to it out and about!
Lottie Biggs is (Not) Tragic was realised by Macmillan Children’s Books in August. It joins the previous two books in the Lottie Biggs series, Is (Not) Mad and Is (Not) Desperate. My copy was kindly gifted to me by the wonderful Viv at Serendipity Reviews. 


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