Lottie Biggs is (not) Desperate – Hayley Long: review

“I am an astronaut surfing on the Sea of Tranquility. I have driven too fast down the motorway to Misery, sailed too far on the sinking ship to Stress and almost loft my head on the bullet train to Oblivion. But now I am gliding gracefully in a positive direction.”
It’s the beginning of the school year. After the end of her previous school year resulted in Lottie have a slight mental disturbance, she’s trying not to let things get to her too much. This is perfectly fine in theory but when you’re heading into year 11, you’ve got a gorgeous boyfriend with colossal thighs and everyone around you seems to be sex obsessed Lottie finds herself heading into wardrobes to sit in the dark a lot more than she thinks.

I loved Lottie Biggs is (not) Mad when I read it a few weeks ago, I though it was had a brilliant way of handling Lottie’s metnal disturbance and I was excited to read the second in the series. When I read the summary of this book I had a feeling that Lottie’s mental disturbance may have been completely kicked to the curb so I was glad when I realised that it was still there and many of the aspects of this book were to do with getting over that mental disturbance whilst coping with normal teen life.
It was only a month or so since we had seen Lottie before, so I’m glad I read the books quite close together too, this seems to be a series that I would be happy to sit one after the other even though usually I take a time out from in between books from a series. In Desperate we see Lottie tackling other issues of teen life, other than her major issue with her mental health. We see her thinking about her first time with her boyfriend, Gareth, and I was so happy with the way everything panned out.
First time sex is a huge thing when you get your first boyfriend and when you’re in your teens. I think its handled pretty well in this book and I felt so sorry for both Lottie and Gareth because of how strange a time it is, I’m glad with the way stuff turned out. I know what it’s like as a teen, I was pretty much the same as Lottie (without the slightly disturbance!) and I think the scariest bit of it all is thinking that everyone is more experienced than you. I think this is a lot of what is up with Lottie in this book.
Although this and the friendship/family aspects of the book were handled brilliantly I did have one niggle. I got a bit annoyed with Lottie in this book as she seemed really self-centred. It was only a niggle, which came to me towards the end of the book, I think it has more to do with Lottie’s head space than her actual character but still I hope that the growing up we see in Lottie during this book is reflected in the third so that Lottie is a little less self-centred!
Because of the self-centred Lottie we don’t really get to see uch of the other characters in this book but Hayley Long still didn’t disappoint me with character depth at all. Something which I loved it the first book was that you found out a lot about the other characters. In Desperate we don’t get much of Goose which upset me a bit as I love that character but Hayley managed to add depth to Samantha, Lee, Neil and Dilys, which is slightly crazy as these were such small characters. I love the way she doesn’t this as I love to know everything about all characters. Sometimes I think too much thought can go into development of minor characters but Hayley does it brilliantly!!
My favourite part of this book is the way you totally get lost in Lottie’s head, everything is Lottie, her reaction to stuff, her thoughts on the people around her, everything and one of the reasons why I think it’s done so well in these books is because of the visualisation on the pages, all the way through we get images and chages in font sizes and stuff to reflect the way Lottie feels at that time and I totally love this because it means I want to shout at, hug, cry and cringe with Lottie at the appropriate time!  
I do love this series. I think these books really do tackle issues of mental health and teen life so well that I want to make them required reading n high schools! I can’t wait to see what book three brings us because I know it’ll be another that I love! I honestly think that all teenage school-age girls (and probably all guys too!) should read these books!! 
Lottie Biggs is not Desperate is the Second in the Lottie Biggs series by Hayley Long. It was published in 2010 by Macmillan Children’s Books. I received this book from the author as a twitter giveaway. 


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