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Lilliput – Sam Gayton (Illustrated by Pete Williamson)

“All down the pebble path to the beach Lily sulked about her iron shoes. They clang-clang-clanged on her feet as she made her way to the shore. It was blowy and the waves were high as houses. Bellin was already there with her grumpy older sister Bree. They dug through the sucking wet sand, looking for pincher crabs.”

Lily is three inches tall and as a former resident of Lilliput this is the average height for people of her race. But it has been a long time since Lily has been in Lilliput, seven moons have since passed and Lily is desperate to get home. However kidnapped by the giant Gulliver and kept prisoner in a bird cage Lily has to try anything to get home. Tonight will be Lily’s 34th attempt at freedom, all she has to do is fly.

I loved this book, a step back into the adventures of old Lilliput is a true fairy story for kids of all ages to enjoy, but especially those who still believe in magic. 
The story tells of a girl who may be little but who’s strength is mighty. It tells of a friendship based on shared solitude and experience of being held captive. It tells of a spaniard and his parrot who are kind and caring and most of all it tells of what lengths a person will go to to get home and I loved every second of it and was rooting for Lily the whole way through. Her strength seeps through the pages and makes you root for her from the very first page, you can tell she’s never been one for standing up to people at the start of the book but being captured changes her for the better and she will do anything to get back home; even jump out of an attic window in the hope she can fly home. 

I think the thing I loved the most is that it followed such a traditional plot with the evil characters and the nice characters and how the whole plot is carried out. Its a very good example of good versus evil, with the one character who was a shade of grey between it all. I felt sad about certain things that happened but others made me very happy and I am sure that the emotional journey of the book will keep the younger readers hoping for a happy ending, but I’m not going to tell you if there is one! 
The writing really did take me back to the stories I loved as a kid and it has that unique storytelling style that I don’t see as much anymore, even in middle grade books. That isn’t to say that kids will be put off by this though as I think they will be captured by the adventure just as much as I was. The illustrations really brought the story to life too and I really loved how much they helped me picture the entire thing. 
The story was obviously heavily influenced by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and I liked the afterword from the author telling me how it came about. I haven’t read Gulliver’s Travels (or if I have it was so long ago that I can no longer remember reading it) but found that I knew the references so well because of how well known and how well adapted they have become. Lilliput has kind of made me want to get it though and finally read through the book to see what other wonders I missed out on, and I will definitely be checking out Sam Gayton’s other books!  
Lilliput was published on March 6th by Andersen Press. My copy was sent to me via and Andersen Press in exchange for an honest review. 

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