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Letterbox Love (#91)

Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that is hosted by Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e-books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about.

This weeks letterbox is actually two weeks’ worth and has a fair few books on it, most of which arrived yesterday! So I have split them all into groups. The first is bought and for review with gifted as the second, more on that further down the post! Thanks for stopping by! 
For Review:

Opal Plumstead – Jacqueline Wilson!!!!!! 
(link) – (unsolicited) 

Ok, so I may be ridiculously excited about this! I answered my door to my postman yesterday who handed me a pile of packages. One was a rather large one from Penguin Random House which contained this… Jacqueline Wilsons 100th book in manuscript proof form! I don’t usually request books that are in a manuscript form, preferring bound copies but this was not requested, it was totally unsolicited and omgosh I wish I knew who sent it because I could seriously kiss them! I LOVED this author when I was a kid and I keep meaning to catch up with her books now but there are just so many I don’t know where to begin! I still have my faded battered copies of Bad Girls, Secrets and The Illustrated Mum and they honestly are falling apart but I can’t bring myself to get rid. Thank you so, so much Penguin Random House for this. I cannot wait to read it! 
Published: 9th October

This arrived last week and honestly I’ve never heard of it but I kinda like what I’ve read from the publisher so far so I’m definitely willing to give it a go. It sounds urban fantasy like and is set in Dublin, theres a romantic element obvious from the blurb so there’ll be some kind of love story throughout no doubt, but I’m intrigued. Thanks for this O’Brien Press
Published: 1st September 

I am intrigued by non-fiction for teenagers about being a teenager and have seen this in the shops and though it sounded great. I think it sounds a bit like a modern day Chicken Soup for the teenage soul which I read as a teenager but even better, can’t wait to see if I’m right! Thanks so much Walker Children’s Books! 
Published: 3rd July

This intrigued me, and sounds like it could be really scary, as in thriller-like. I love a good thriller and I needed to request this one when I got the email through because of its obvious genre and that incredibly eye catching cover! Thanks so much to Chicken House for this! 
Published: 4th September

Another through from O’Brien which wasn’t requested but could be a fun, quick read. This is obviously a 8-12 kinda age group book and I believe is the fourth in a series but sounds like it could be read standalone. Thanks guys! 
Published: 22nd September 

Another than I hadn’t heard of until it came through my letterbox was Black Wreath. Again from O’Brien Press this is a historical YA set in Dublin in the 18th Centuary. I love historical fiction so I’m fairly sure this one will go down a treat! Thanks again O’Brien! 
Published: 15th September


Published: 14th January

Published: 3rd April

These were both bought from Storytellers Inc in St Annes On Sea. I love that bookshop more than anything and these were both recently looked at for its book club. I usually can’t make the book club meetings but I have had my eye on these for a while and thankfully Storytellers had some left over copies that I snapped up when I was there on Tuesday. Katy from Storytellers highly recommended Bone Jack and Back to Blackbrick has been on my to-buy list since reading The Apple Tart of Hope a few months back.

My favourite indie bookstore Storytellers Inc is going through a refurb and whilst clearing out some of the office Katy found some proofs and stuff and asked if any members of Blogshop wanted them. I am exceptionally grateful to Katy for her shop and these proofs and most of all for allowing us north west based bloggers to get together and chat books in her shop every other month! Thank you!! 
Published: 3rd October 2012

Published: 2nd January 

Published: 13th February

Published: 30th January 

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