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Letterbox Love (#77)

Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that is hosted by Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e-books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about.

For Review: 

I have seen brilliant things about this book and understand that it appeared on a few shortlists for awards recently so I knew I had to check it out, when I was offered it and Fragments for review I couldn’t say no. I love the idea of Fragments being a sequel but told from another character and I really like the sound of the whole conspiracy thing that the books seem to have going on. Cant wait to read them and find out what it is! Thanks Piccadilly Press for the review copies! 
Cracks published: 24th May 2012
Fragments published: 1st March 2014 

This sounds really cute, its a magical middle grade book about a girl who walks into her bedroom to find a baby sat on her bed – but the baby isn’t just a normal baby, theres something magical about her. I love magical realism and when its packed into something as cute sounding as this I am all for it! Thanks Hot Key Books for the review copy! 
Published: April 3rd 2014

This sounds great, a dead homeless man, police who think it was a drinken mistake and a 15 year old boy who sees the world differently to everyone else and knows that the death was indeed a murder. I can’t wait to find out how Kieran works out the truth and gets people to take notice! With an especially eye-catching cover and a great blurb this one has been high on my wish list since I saw it! Thanks HarperCollins! 
Published: 5th June 2014

Another HarperCollins one and look at this beautiful cover, its certainly something! I don’t even understand what is going on in the book from its blurb, I just know the story is creepy and dark and twisted, and that makes me love the sound of it! I’ve heard incredible things about this author and now is my chance to find out if I agree! 
Published: 8th May 2014

I shouldn’t be allowed to go to book events, I come home with more books! This week I visited Storytellers Inc in St Annes for their book club as the lovely Erin Lange, author of Dead Ends and Butter was answering questions and signing books. I spotted Eleanor & Park on the shelf there and after hearing Hannah from Faber talk about it and loving Fangirl I just couldn’t resist. I’m glad I did now because the day after it was announced that Eleanor & Park will be made into a movie! yay!! 


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