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Letterbox Love (#68)

Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that is hosted by Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and basically, the idea came out of a discussion with other UK book bloggers about the need to do a weekly meme with more of a British feel to it. Therefore, Letterbox Love was born and the logo was lovingly designed by Dark Readers. Letterbox Love is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e-books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about.

For Review:

I have heard amazing things about Jo Cotterill since I started blogging and I wanted to know what the author was all about, so when an email came through asking me if I wanted to review her newest boo, Looking at the Stars, I said yes straight away. I think this is a little younger than I usually go for but the blurb on goodreads captured me and I am hoping I enjoy it. Jo will be stopping by the blog on February 3rd and my review will be up around then too. Thanks Random House/Bodley Head for this! 
Published: 30th January 

This is the second book in the Stray series and I have to say I am looking forward to it. I really enjoyed Stray and I desperately want to know what happens next even though the world these books are set in are mind-blowingly weird. Let’s hope Burn is as good as Stray was, but I have no doubt it will be! Thanks Hot Key Books 
Published: 6th February 

Another sequel, this time an odd contemporary series in which the main character dies for a while and then comes back. At least, that was what Fracture was on about,  I think the series has turned a bit paranormal on us though and I am intrigued as to what is going on. Thanks Bloomsbury for letting me satisfy my curiosity with this one! 
Published: 13th February 

And yet another sequel, but this is the third in the Tempest series rather than the second… and unfortunately I have no idea what its about because the second is still on my TBR pile. I didn’t think I requested this when the long list of titles dropped into my inbox from Macmillan but at least it will push me to read Vortex some time soon! I did enjoy Tempest back in 2012 when I read it though! 
Published: 30th January 

This is a younger YA book about love and family, with a bit of angst thrown in I think. I wouldn’t usually request something like this but I wanted to read the authors April-May series last year as I heard good things…. but I didn’t get round to it. I thought I’d give this one a try and see how I fair with the author then I’ll check out the April-May books possibly. Thanks Hot Key for sending this one too! 
Published: 6th February


I heard amazing things about this back when it came out and obviously I know the author has a great reputation for his radio shows so I wanted to read it then, but like so many book promptly forgot about it and read my ever growing tar pile instead. This week when walking through my local Sainsbury’s I couldn’t help but notice the price of their paperbacks were well within my low budget for book buying and I grabbed a copy quick. Hopefully I’ll get round to it soon! 
Published: 1st March 2012


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