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Letterbox Love (#49)

Welcome to Letterbox Love, this is a UK meme, hosted by the lovely Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and inspired by The Story Siren’s In My Mailbox. This post is a means by which to highlight the books we get in the post and beyond, and especially to bring attention to those books which may be sat on our shelves for a little while yet that we love all the same.

Some brilliant books received this week and some were very unexpected so thank you so, so much to the publishers for these. I try my hardest to get my reviews of books up as quickly as possible and even if I haven’t got round to some yet I am still so grateful for the opportunity. 
For Review:

I am looking forward to this book loads. I love Strange Chemistry’s titles as they are often so different from other books around at the minute and this sounds like no exception! I don’t often ask for what seem to be full on romance books for review but there seems to be a lot more going on in this book than the romance and I can’t wait to find out what it is! 
Published 5th Sept.

Linked – Imogen Howson (Unsolicited) 

I’m going to be honest and say I hadn’t heard of this book until it landed on my doorstep yesterday morning and I still don’t really know what its about. There is very little blurb on the back cover of it but there’s enough to have me intrigued. Thank you to Quercus for sending this over. 
Published 1st August 

OMGOSH! I LOVED The City’s Son and I have been waiting for it’s sequel, The Glass Republic since I finished it… This series is insane, in a great way, and will make any reader see everyday objects in a completely new light. Thank you soooo much for this Quercus! 
Published 1st August 

I didn’t realise that the awesome Sammy Feral would be back with his own sequel but I am so glad he is! I really enjoyed the first book and can’t wait to see whats going to happen in this one. I actually donated my copy of the first book to my sisters friend who has a 8 year old boy and he also loved it so once I’ve read and reviewed this I will pass it on to him, I love making kids happy with books. Thanks Quercus! 
Published 8th August 

I’ve been informed by Walker Books that this is likely to make me cry. I love books that make me cry so I am looking forward to this a lot, I’m strange like that! It looks all happy too and I am sure its not going to be as it appears. Thanks to Walker for sending this over! 
Published 1st August 

This week I was contacted by Cillian Press, an independent publisher based in Manchester. I was so happy about there being a fiction publisher in Manchester, instead of being down south, but then I was even happier when I read the blurb of their two YA launch titles. I am very much looking forward to this dystopian. Thanks Cillian Press!
Published 1st October 

Tabitha Suzuma’s new book!!!!!! *Freaks out* I loved Forbidden and have vowed to read the author’s other books but still haven’t got round to them! This is her new book and it sounds really, really good, I can’t wait to know more about whats going on in this book. Thank you so much Random House 
Published 5th September 

This is another from Cillian Press and sounds incredible, the main character is obviously going through some crazy stuff before his school trip when things sound like they get trippy! Thanks to Cillian for giving me the chance to read this! 
Published 1st October


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