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Letterbox Love (#28): The oops I think I need book rehab week

Welcome to Letterbox Love, this is a UK meme, hosted by the lovely Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, where we highlight the books we got in the post and beyond.

Sorry for the bad picture, I kinda got more books than I could fit on my chair… oops! 
For Review:
These three are from Harper Collins. I cannot wait to read any of them, Geek Girl sounds so good and funny and I have heard really good things about Kiersten Whites others books but unfortunately they don’t sound like my kinda thing and this one does! Obviously I had to get The Madness Underneath is the second in the Shades of London series and I loved the first, I’m useless at reading ebooks though and I’m not sure about when I will actually read it, I much prefer physical books. Thanks Harper Collins!! 

Deceit – Deborah White
The wonderful folks at Templar have started up a blogger newsletter which looks like a great resource. This month’s had a few books available for review on there and I asked for these ones. I read Acadia Awakens earlier this year and after a rocky start I ended up liking it and need to know what happened next! Ferryman looks awesome and like a very promising debut which I am definitely looking forward to! I didn’t realise Deceit was the second in a series when I asked for it and I haven’t got the first but its one that I have been meaning to get hold of for a while so it’ll give me chance to read it! 

I forgot a couple of these were on the way but that doesn’t make me want to read them any less! Shadows looks pretty awesome and I love a fair few of the angel and demon books I’ve read, thank you Indigo for this. Fuse is the second in the Pure series, I haven’t read the first but I do have it on my TBR and I have heard good things about it, thanks Headline. The Day I met Susie from Hodder sounds intriguing, I love it when a synopsis gives you just enough to want to read a book but you still don’t know anything about it and whoever wrote the synopsis for this did a great job! Hidden has been taking over my facebook timeline for a while now and sounds great, thank you Bloomsbury and Broken Illusions from Quercus was unsolicited, however it sounds great but as the second book in the series I will have to check out Shattered Dreams first! 
The first of these came from Headline as a kind of Christmas gift for giving their books support. I was really happy to get the email and am really grateful to Headline for the thought. I don’t think they are expecting reviews of the books but I will give one any way. Hourglass was sent from the wonderful  Book Angel’ Emma by way of the awesome Jesse from Books for Teens. I have had this on my radar since last year when it first came out, thank you guys! 


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