Letterbox Love (#15): The Birthday Edition

Hey! Welcome to Letterbox Love, this is a UK meme, hosted by the lovely Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, where we highlight the books we got in the post and beyond!!

Look at all the pretties!!! As always these links go to Goodreads
For Review: 
Thank you to Abrams and Chronicle, Catnip, Quercus and Hot Key for these books. Thanks also has to go to Lovereading.com for Maggot Moon as I will be reviewing that title for them.

Bought with birthday gift vouchers:
Don’t you just LOVE birthdays. I don’t have many people who buy me stuff (sob I know, its part of getting older) but my lovely mother in law and workmates got me amazon gift vouchers. Now I know I have too many books so I decided to go for a few graphic novels and other books I’ve been meaning to get hold of forever. I’d seen the movie Stardust before I realised it was a book and have been meaning to read it ever since so I’m glad I finally got round to getting it. Also The Perks of… is coming out as a movie soon so I wanna read it before the movie comes out! The Harry Potter book is a whole other story and one I may share with you one day… but not yet! (I do own another copy of it though don’t worry, I’ve read and loved them all! 
Birthday Gift:
This has to have been the best birthday present ever! I love that my partner takes hints so well… but then again I did trust the computer in his face and say “I want this soooooo bad” at various points since it came out last year… so yeah, he finally bought me this and I love it! Its sooooo cool. I’m not far in and it will take me ages but I will post comments on it at some point!!
I also got a new dinosaur which I’ll show you in next weeks post maybe, a dino tee and some awesome dinosaur stationary (the rubber dinosaurs have movable legs!) from that there Laura, AKA Sisterspooky… I’m not four though I swear! 
Anyway… thats me this week, I hope everyone had an awesome week and I look forward to seeing what books you all got too! 


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