Letterbox Love (#1)

Letterbox Love is a new UK based feature similar to In My Mailbox or Mailbox Monday. The fine details of it are still being sorted so I cannot say who will be hosting it as such at the moment but please find below the wonderful books that have been added to my collection this week! 
For Review:
Im not entirely sure I will like this. Im a bit concerned about the love triangle and about the main characters nickname… However I am going to give it a try and if Im not keen I will find someone else to review it for me! 
ARGH!!!!! I can’t believe Ive got this!! Its not necessarily out until June but apparently Waterstones had a few copies floating around and decided to put them out and I had to buy straight away!!! I LOVE the sound of this book, its been recommended to me by Laura of SisterSpooky and I talk to the lovely Andy on twitter a bit so I just had to buy it didn’t I?! 
Thats it for me this week. However I want to show you two books I wanted to buy yesterday and had to be good and not… I well want them though, so much fun! (PS the ‘hole’ book was in The Little Apple Bookshop in York… if you got to York, go to that shop – its AMAZING!) 


  • Beverley

    I hope you enjoy The Summer I Turned Pretty, I read it last year and loved it! The love triangle in it gets a bit complicated and ‘Belly’ can sometimes be quite annoying but I hope she’ll grow on you šŸ™‚

    Haha, loving the pics of you with those books – I’m sure can get your hands on them soon šŸ˜‰

  • M

    You are so funny. The Book with a Hole – if only you’d found this a few weeks ago when I was buying gifts for my neice! And I’ll remember that bookshop when I’m next in York.

    Enjoy your books – didn’t you get Insurgent yet?

  • Mel

    I’ve actually just finished reading The Summer I Turned Pretty and I quite enjoyed even though I’m not really a fan of contemporay YA romance! I think you might be pleasantly suprised! At the least it’s not a long book! šŸ™‚

    I love the Book with a hole!

  • Cliona

    I’m so jealous of The Summer I Turned Pretty!!! Although I am a LITTLE hesitant over reading it, because the girls’s name is Belly… šŸ™‚ The hole book is AWESOME!!!

  • Liz. R

    I love the sound of Geekhood! Enjoy. I’ve read The Summer I Turned Pretty – I did initially like it, but the name “Belly” really does grate on you after a while :P. Hope you like it though. Happy reading! šŸ™‚

  • Daydreaming_Star

    Hehe. I love the book with the hole in! And I’ve seen the “no friends one” before but not bought it myself yet.

    Also, Yay for York!! I have visited that lovely city too many times to count, so wish I lived there!

    The Summer I Turned Pretty looks quite interesting but I hadn’t heard of Geekhood before!
    Hope that you enjoy reading them both and I definitely look forward to your reviews!

    Yay for a fellow UK blogger!

    I made a Letterbox Love post too, it’s here

    Faye šŸ™‚

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