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Lets Get Lost – Adi Alsaid

“Hudson could hear the car’s engine from blocks away. He stepped outside the garage and closed his eyes, listening, picking apart the sounds so that he would know exactly what he’s have to fix before he even popped the hood. 
Standing there against the garage, listening to the still-far-off car, Hudson could forget about everything else. About school and girls and his future and whether his friends were actually jackasses or just acting like them.” 

Leila is on a mission. She is travelling across the country at her own pace, doing her own thing. On the way she will meet and change the lives of four others. Hudson is a small-town mechanise with a lot of prospects, but willing to throw away his dreams for true love. Bree gets her kicks from Seizing the Tuesday, and a few stolen good along the way. Elliott believes life is like a brat pack movie but then his own goes off script and Sonia, she’s worried that losing her boyfriend will make the only part of her life that still makes sense crumble away. When Leila leaves each of them, they find new meaning, but whilst she is helping them can she also help herself and find out more about her own truth? 

This was an interesting book that had so much potential. I loved the idea of it when I heard about it and was severely disappointed when the first chapter read like a cheesy porno. It got better though and I was glad I carried on the way I did… but it still didn’t do a lot to keep my attention. 
My thoughts on this book can be summed up by the following: It was bad, then it was really good, then it got bad again. I hated Hudson’s ‘part’ and was so glad when Leila’s trip took her away from him. Bree and Elliott were my favourites and the final part which belonged to Leila herself was good purely because you found out more about her and she found her own life changer in Dee – who was awesome. 
The writing left a lot to be desired and if, during Hudson’s part, Hudson drew attention to Leila’s smile one more time I might have chucked the book across the room. There wasn’t a lot to grab me throughout and I think in terms of the writing my favourite part would be the joke-y bits. Leila’s attitude and her wit really impressed me but the majority of the time she was a bit dream-like, or guardian angel-like. 
There’s not much for me to talk about with this book to be honest. I enjoyed the middle bits and really liked that not both of the boys Leila encountered fell for her. I liked the references to movies in Elliots part and I really resonated with Bree in her part. Even Sonia’s part made for a good story… I probably could have cut the first part out and snipped the last the pages from Leila’s part and really enjoyed the book but as it stands, I just didn’t like it that much – it was average. 
I know others have loved Lets Get Lost and I am probably one of the few who feels this way but it definitely wasn’t what I was hoping for at all! 
Lets Get Lost will be published on August 1st by Mira Ink. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
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