Lauren Kate at Preston City Hall

So a few weeks ago I went to see Lauren Kate have a chat at Preston City Hall. The event was arranged by SilverDell Books who are a local indie bookseller in my area. 

I was lucky this time though and my and my sister set off to the City Hall. Lauren Kate seemed really at ease and dived straight into an extract from Rapture, the fourth and final book in the Fallen series. Following that Lauren talked a little about the series and how Rapture is the conclusion to it. I was worried that there would be too much given away about Rapture as I had only just finished Passion but there wasn’t a lot, thankfully! 
Lauren then had a quick question and answer session with the group that had come to see her, questions like what authors had inspired her (Phillip Pullman was one amongst others) and where the idea of the books came from were asked and Lauren had some really cool answers. I was interested in one particular person’s question about how the books had been received, especially in the US because of their theme and the angels within them but Lauren said that she hadn’t experienced much backlash from them, with most people enjoying them and not making a lot of reference to the content and its subject of fallen angels. With regards to the censorship of books Lauren actually pointed out that in the US many of the people who ban books haven’t even read them which is a very, very scary thought, but at least it means that the Fallen series hasn’t been put on any banned lists because those who are censoring haven’t checked it! (Im not for censorship at all and think that its ridiculous that these people aren’t even reading the books they ban but that’s another post for another time!) 
Lauren was also asked about how she handled the uncertainty of the book world, about concerns that her book would be a flop and whether the series was always meant to be a 4.5 series of books. Apparently they weren’t but she knew that it needed to be more than a trilogy fairly early on. 
The question time was cut a little short but then everyone had chance to speak to Laruen herself and get their books singed. I got a hard copy of Fallen in Love (which I only had on Kindle before the event) and got my copies of Passion, Rapture and Fallen In Love signed. Lauren was absolutely lovely and asked about my blog and if I wrote myself and things like that whilst she signed my books, then the wonderful Hattie from Random House took a pic of me and Lauren. 
I’m sorry this write up isn’t very in depth, I really need to write event reports sooner but I really had a great time meeting Lauren Kate and must say thank you to Lauren herself, the guys at Silverdell and Hattie, Lauren and the other guys at Random House for arranging the event. It was an awesome evening! 


  • Cliona

    Great event report! 🙂 I can’t believe people who ban books don’t even read some of them, that’s shocking! They ban them just on the theme then? That’s terrible :/ Lucky you to meet Lauren, glad it was fun anyway 🙂

  • ♥Iffath

    Thanks for the fab report 🙂 Book censorship just confuses me so much because it’s so silly, and it’s so crazy to hear that some of the books that are banned haven’t even been read by the ban-ers! Sounds like you had a really good time, so yay 🙂

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