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Kite Spirit – Sita Brahmachari

“Dawn’s never late. I check the time again: 8.51. I think I know what’s happened now. She must have turned up early, all stressed out, and I had the radio cranked up so loud I didn’t hear her knocking. I bet she’s already gone and she’ll b livid with me late for cutting it so fine. I knock one last time but it’s quiet in her flat.”

When Kite’s best friend doesn’t turn up at her door on the morning of their first GCSE exam, she knows something is wrong. Half way through the school get the news that Dawn has taken her won life and Kite knowns instantly. Kite is at a loss, she spends every hour of everyday going over conversations they have had, thinking that they could have all contained clues as to how Dawn was feeling. When Seth, her father, suggests taking time out to visit the lakes and thinks it will help Kite deal with her feelings, Kite isn’t so sure. She goes along with the plan and it doesn’t seem to be working until she meets a local boy named Garth, a boy who is easy to take to and seems to understand what she’s going through. But can Garth really be the one to bring Kite’s Spirit. 


I had heard so much about Sita Brahmachari’s first book Artichoke Hearts that when I saw Kite Spirit I knew I should check it out. A gut-wrenching tale of suicide, friendship and dealing with loss, Kite Spirit is beautiful and deserves a whole lotta praise. 

The story was really beautiful, yet so so sad. The emotion was raw on the page, we are introduced to Kite as she is waiting for Dawn to show up on their first day of school, but Dawn doesn’t turn up. We don’t know the entire story about what made Dawn commit suicide and whilst little things come out of the woodwork as the story goes on, but its more about Kite dealing with the event rather than it. 

I liked the language and the imagery that was used within the book. I think its really set the scene and as I know the lakes so well I could envision the entire book brilliantly. There was a lot of description, especially as Kite took to not talking much through her grief, and whilst that was a lot to take in sometimes, I think it helped a lot with the story. 

The relationships were wonderful and I really liked how they took a lot of work to build up… even Ruby and Kite, and Ruby and Seth needed to rebuild what they had because of the impact of Dawn’s death on Kite. I loved that she could open up to Garth but not straight away and that there were unexpected relationships within the story. 

The book spans about two months then at the very end skips forward two years and I absolutely love that you get that closure from Kite. Things were very intense through the rest of the book and it needed that last few pages to settle down. 

There were things I didn’t love, the writing style did get a little slow sometimes and I thought the few bits of dialogue needed a little bit more explanation in places. However I still really loved the book and think its a perfect book to help someone deal with their grief if they have lost someone. 

Kite Spirit was published on May 9th by MacMillan Children’s books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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  • Cliona

    Fab review – I have this but I’m saving it to read when I’m on my holidays – I can’t wait now! It’s a pity the writing is a bit slow sometimes, it’s great that it was good otherwise though 🙂

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