Kissing Kate – Lauren Myracle

It was just a kiss.

Kate and Lissa were best friends. Then one night last summer at a drunken, Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa, and Liss kissed her back. Now Kate is pretending Lissa doesn’t exist. confused and alone, Lissa’s left questioning everything she thought she knew about herself, and about life. But with the help of a new friend, Lissa is beginning to realize that sometimes falling in love with the wrong person is the only way to find your footing. 

First of all I have to give a very big thank you to Michelle over at Fluttering Butterflies for sending me this book. I wouldn’t have gotten chance to read it for ages if she hadn’t! Thanks Michelle, you are awesome! 😀
Lissa’s got a lot going on. Her best friend, Kate, kissed her at a party and she didn’t pull away. They were both a part of it, they kissed each other, Lissa isn’t to blame. So why had they been avoiding each other for the past couple of weeks?
Kate was drunk when it happened, Lissa wasn’t. She wanted it to happen and was gutted when they were distracted by the guys. Does this mean she’s gay? Does this mean she and Kate can’t be friends anymore? Does this mean she’s a freak?
There a lot going around Lissa’s head throughout Kissing Kate. She was always a bit of a loner until she met Kate in seventh grade. Once she and Kate became friends they were inseparable, that is until the incident. Lissa finds herself with no-one to talk to, stuck with her own thoughts, until she reluctantly becomes friends with the “weird” girl of their year, Ariel, although of course her real name is Kimberley, that’s not weird at all!
I love this story. Lissa is obviously going through so much, there are questions she just can’t answer and she’s been stuck for too long thinking about things depending on what other people will think. Kissing Kate meant that she’d pulled herself away from “normality” but what is normal anyway!? I liked that you noticed the chance in Lissa so well, she was stuck in a mindset that so many teenagers are. Worrying too much about what other people would think and not doing what they want to do. The book called out to me and I totally related because I went through so many of the same thoughts and feelings when I was a teen!
When I read about this book I thought that Kate would be a more major character than she was. I thought that it would be all about Lissa and Kate and them skirting around what happened, purposely not talking about it. I was wrong, it was about Lissa and what happened to her when she kissed Kate, and what she had turned into by being friends with Kate. I loved that Lissa’s sister, Beth, was there to mirror the person that Lissa had become. Beth is turning into the girl who sees the material in everything; she says she wants a gold necklace because that’s what everyone else has but of course she actually wants a completely different necklace, which is the one she chooses in the end. I love that Beth overcame the pressure to care, but of course it’s easier at ten when all these things are new.
The characters really did make this book, they were so alive and you could picture them so well. It wasn’t just Lissa who was trying to figure her own stuff out, a lot of the characters were facing questions about who what they wanted, and it made them feel so real. Even though lesbianism is a major theme within the story, it wasn’t all about that to me. It was about questions and finding out who you are, whether those questions are about sexuality, careers, college choices, everything you face every day in your life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially teens who oh so often finding themselves over thinking things! 


  • Clover

    What a great review 🙂 I’m still amazed that you read it and reviewed it so quickly! I didn’t catch the necklace thing until you mentioned it, how clever.

  • Raimy-rawr

    Thanks! I loved the bit with the necklace, I kinda saw it as Beth rebelling against the norm a bit I think. Maybe that’s my literature student side of me coming out a bit though lol!

    I guess I get to read and review so quickly cos I have very few actual review copies coming my way. And It helped that it was an awesome book for the reading it so quickly thing! I read it in one sitting! 😀
    Thank you again for sending it to me! 😀

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