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Kings of the Castle – Victoria Turnbull 

Kings of the castle by Victoria Turnbull on wood background“’Be back by dawn!’

George didn’t want to waste the night moonbathing

He wanted to build a sandcastle”

When George sets out for a night of sandcastle building, he doesn’t expect to be met by a sea creature by the name of Nepo. As the two try to understand each other, and Boris the dog gets in the way, a true friendship forms. Together they are magical, together they can do anything. Together they can be Kings of the Castle.



What a beautiful story and what stunning images!


You will need to see this book in person to understand its true beauty. It’s the reason I picked it up off the shelf in my amazing local indie bookshop, Storytellers Inc, on Indie Bookshop Day last month. Its the reason I was so keen on reading it to Spike the same day. Its also the reason it’s been read so much since.


Both me and Spike love the illustrations in this book. Its beautiful and I honestly want someone to try and find me a prettier picture book… especially one thats on its first print!


The story was really sweet too. The pictures tell more of the story that the text and speech does. There aren’t that many words at all in fact. But the pictures make a perfect story, and one with a lovely message. The two characters don’t understand one another. Nepo doesn’t speak like George does. But with a little help from George’s dog Boris they overcame the barriers in language and became friends.


Those friends create the most magical of castles, and yes, its mainly in their heads but with the help of friends, its amazing to see where your imagination can take you. Kings of the Castle is bound to set some little ones’ imaginations flying!


Kings of the Castle was first published in 2016 by Templar Books. My copy was purchased from my local bookshop.


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