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Killing Rachel – Anne Cassidy

***Please Note, Killing Rachel is the second in the Murder Notebooks series and this review may contain slight spoilers for the previous book, Dead Time***

Rose was hiding. It was dark and cold and she was in a shop doorway staring at two people across the road. The street was busy and a stream of people passed without noticing her, wrapped up against the cold night air.”

Rose and Joshua are still looking for their parents. Since their disappearance five years ago they know a number of things, but the police are still telling them that their parents are dead, the case is closed. But when Rose is contacted by a former school friend, desperately searching for help, for friendship, she realises that she needs to go back to her old school. The search for Rose’s mother and Joshua’s father sends the the pair nearby and they make their way to the coast. Can the clues, Rose’s school and the Murder Notebooks piece together and provide the answers the two desperately seek? 
I was really impressed with the first in this series and knew I needed to read on. With the crime element of YA something I love, but don’t get much of, I got round to Killing Rachel as soon as I could, and I wasn’t disappointed. 
I remember from the first book that the Murder Notebooks were only found towards the end of the book, which I found strange as the series is named for them, however I let it slide because there was a more prominent storyline other than the disappearance of Rose’s Mother and Joshua’s Father. This happens again in Killing Rachel, with Rose and Rachel’s story at the forefront and the stuff with Joshua and their parents almost in the background, but always present. It started to annoy me a little in the book but then I realised that actually its kind of like a TV show which has one main story for each episode then an over-arching storyline in the background, and looking at it that way I liked it… The stuff with Rachel was interesting and I thought it made an interesting mystery, especially as it kind of ties in with the stuff about Rose and Josh searching for their parents. 
The characters were a bit more developed in this book but not overly, I’m not actually very keen on Rose or Josh and I find Rose really annoying at times. I don’t like the romantic element of the story, with Rose very much pining of Josh, but I still enjoy the story and thats why I kept reading. With the third person narrative you step away form the characters and look at them in a different way and I think that helps with this book as it means, although you do follow Rose for most of the book, you can step away from her a little bit.
I am intrigued as to where the story is going to go, you get a lot of answers about the parents in this book but new questions come about too. I wasn’t expecting some of the things that happened to happen so I loved the twists and turns the story makes and look forward to seeing more of those. This book is a must read for anyone who loves crime thrillers and I really can’t wait to read more, Anne Cassidy is the queen of YA crime and I cannot fault her stories for their power to overwhelm me. 
Killing Rachel is published by Bloomsbury and was released on March 14th. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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